Monday, August 3, 2015

Back from GenCon!

Been a little quiet on the hobby front of late, as I've been out of town for the lion's share of the last two weeks. Had to burn off a chunk of PTO at work, so I made a run out to Las Vegas to visit some friends and see the Rush tour - good times! After that it was home for a day to do laundry and repack before heading out to Indianapolis for the yearly trip to GenCon. 

Got together with some old friends and played a bunch of Shadowrun, where we all got together and did a themed runner team - an all-Troll Russian heavy metal band called "Trolling Thunder". On a lark, we had "tour shirts" printed up to all wear as a group on one of the days, which got a lot of laughs! Also managed to meet up with Dave Taylor and Tim Toolen for an excellent lunch, and a fascinating conversation about making a living in the hobby, and cursing Dave for making me want to chop up old matchbox cars! No miniature game playing to speak of while I was out there, though I did make a couple passes through the dealer room which of course meant swinging by the Forge World booth:

Got away with spending a lot less than last year, but it did sting a bit. Picked up a Stormhammer for the Prosperine Spireguard, which will be boxed up and stored in the Closet of Doom for a rainy day, as well as a few of the event-only minis. They sold out of Narik Dreygur and Autilon Skorr super quickly so I was only able to get one each, but they had a whole mess of the princeps so I was able to pick up a couple - one to build as-is, and a couple to experiment with conversion-wise. I also couldn't resist picking up an Alpha Legion dreadnought for the upcoming project. There isn't one explicitly listed in Legion, but it's such a cool model I can't resist adding one to the force by virtue of assuming there was at least one on the Beta, which was in-theater. That's reasonable justification, right? Also picked up another Master of Signal and Champion set to use as a basis for some other Alpha Legion characters... Should be fun!


  1. Don't resist! Start chopping up those hot wheels!
    (Or go 1/43 28mm)

  2. Phil's right! Do a fun side project, and you'll be surprised how it recharges your creative juices for 40k. I'm planning out an escort carrier for X-wing.

  3. Agree with Phil! Do a fun project for yourself :)

  4. @Phil Morris: I think I'm gonna have to do at least a few just to get it outta my system! :)

    @#2501: That sounds really cool - looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    @Greg Hess: Initially that's what the Inq28 warband(s) were gonna be, but it's definitely good to get out of the Grimdark from time to time!

    @Siph_Horridus: Oh, that'll always be my main love, man - plenty of projects in store!

    Cheers, everyone!