Monday, January 4, 2016

And Now For Something Completely Different - Infinity Morat Aggression Force painting begins

Happy new year everyone! Had a good time over the holiday, saw Star Wars and spent some time with some old friends visiting Colorado over the past week. Finally getting back to the painting desk after a break and I thought I'd give something else a try for a bit as a little breather. Brace yourselves for HERESY.

...Well, not Heresy, but you know what I mean. Hah!

At the urging of a couple friends I've taken another look at Infinity, not as a replacement for 40k/30k, but rather as an interesting skirmish level game akin to my much beloved Necromunda. As I'd alluded to previously the anime aesthetic of the models when the game first came out didn't really wow me, but in the intervening years they've come out with a several interesting new factions including several alien races - the opportunity to paint up some filthy xenos had some appeal after all the humans I've been painting of late. The crimson-faced murder apes of the Morat Aggression Forces caught my eye, so I picked up a number of boxes for a screaming deal from a fellow hobbyist, waited for a warm day and got to primering!

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing, so I ended up with way more miniatures than will ever hit the tabletop at one time. Does give me a number of options for force composition though! Started off by laying out all the models, getting the basic skin and hair colors laid in and really getting a chance to give the figures a good once-over to decide what needed to be painted what colors. At that point I figured "what the heck, may as well just batch paint the whole group, right"?

I decided to stick fairly close to the 'stock' color scheme, with the armor plating being a grey-ish hue and basic tan cloth. A number of the models are in powered armour and many models have exposed cabling, which got the electric blue treatment, which sets off nicely against the red skin tones so far. Tons and tons of line highlighting awaits, need to re-hone my fine detail brush skills - not a lot of hard edges to drybrush on these models. Definitely a different aesthetic from the angular 40k stuff I've been working on of late!

These models are what initially caught my eye in the Combined Army miniature line. Turns out this creepy fellow is the chief doctor for the force. "Dammit doc, not every medical procedure calls for 'a thorough probing'! Get away from me with whatever that is!"

So far so good - Was very interesting working with metal models again for the first time in years. Once these guys are done, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled Heresy - almost done with the remaining Geno Five-Two infantry as well, but they're in that middle stage of "these look TERRIBLE" where only the base colors have been blocked in and no detailing or highlighting has been done. Definitely not picture-worthy in their current state!


  1. A change is as good as a rest. Rock on. I like it :)

  2. Great work mate. I love my Morats, they're some of the best minis in the range. Great fun on the table too.
    Infinity started as a side thing for me, but quickly knocked GW off my table.

  3. I got into the Ariadna Merovingian sectorial a few years back but the details are far too fine for me so the minis have sat half painted for probably 2+ years. The game itself though was something very different to 40k and lots of fun as a side game and scaled really well from small to large games.

  4. Never do things by halves eh?

    The amount of detail on INfinity figs has always impressed me. Fine detail too. My thick painting style would obliterate it all I think.

    I like those docs. I am sure they are very thorough in their examinations!

  5. Never tried Infinity myself, the models certainly look good though! Looking forward to seeing how your collection grows :)

  6. Nice! I've been looking for an excuse to get into Infinity myself, but alas, no one in my area plays. Seeing these makes me want to delve into their line anyways, though. :)

  7. I have morats as well. I just love the aesthetic to them, and the sculpts are pretty mean too. Yours are coming along nicely, fair play on batch painting the whole lot. I find them far too detailed to batch paint in great numbers. Think it would drive me mad :D

  8. @Zab: Indeed - sometimes a non GW miniature just needs to get painted. :)

    @Ben: Nice! I dig the red and white scheme you have on your Morats!

    @Frothing Muppet: Aye, I was quite surprised at all the fine detail. I think the batch painting is going to slow to a crawl when it comes time to do all the line highlighting and picking out details...

    @Dai: Thanks very much man! It's definitely been an interesting change to work on non-GW models, the aesthetic is definitely different than what I'm used to.

    @Zzzzzz: Indeed! The Inquisition is no doubt making their way to my door as we speak!

    @Alpha Omega: From reading the rules I'm liking what I'm seeing, though I have yet to roll any dice under fire. We'll see how it goes!

    @#2501: Indeed, from just a sculpt perspective, I have to say I'm quite enjoying painting them just as a breath of fresh air!

    @NafNaf: Nice, the look was what drew me to them before I ever read any of the rules. We all know I'm a little mad... :)

    Cheers, everyone!