Sunday, January 24, 2016

Heresy Era Heroes of the Imperium - Master of Mankind painting (almost) done

Well, sometimes a hobby session just doesn't go the way you want it to. Set about working on the Emperor model a bit more and got all the way up to the end and then flubbed the face. Not super noticable until I took pictures of it but man, the eyes just didn't come out right! Nothing like a cross-eyed Emperor.

So, that'll need a little work to fix I think. Other than that I'm pretty happy with how the model turned out, though I think once I get the face re-done it'll go up on the auction block - I'd like to take another crack at the model, but utilizing one of the Primarch heads instead. I think if I could get my hands on a Rowboat Girlyman or Ferrus Manus head it might look a little better.

After that bit of frustration I was excited to come to grips with the Gothic KV-2 tanks that (finally!) arrived from MaxMini. Got 'em all washed and was in the process of getting things clipped off the casting blocks that it came to light that two of the kits were missing tracks. Highly irritating after I'd waited just shy of two months for them to arrive. Sent a note out to 'em to see what could be done. So that was a bust, I figured that I'd pull out the armored Proteus Land Raiders I'd uncovered for use with the upcoming Thousand Sons.

Throne of Terra! Missing a set of tracks for these kits too?! Even more annoying than the KV-2's, I'd ordered these kits back in March of 2015 prior to the FW site rebuild, and the order details that these came from have been deleted from their site. I was able to dig up the PayPal invoiced from the order but they don't have any line-item details. I sent off an email to Forge World but don't really hold out much hope that they'll be willing to send replacement tracks after such a delay. Guess we'll see how it goes.

All in all a rather frustrating bit of hobbying this weekend. On the up side I did manage to get in my first game of Infinity and had quite a lot of fun playing it!


  1. Next time: eyes first, then paint around them :) It's often easier to get the pupils and shape right that way. Still, a very nice mini, the cloak is ace!

  2. The golden boy looks good Mordian, it sucks about the rest of it though! If you can't get the tracks for the Spartans, do a bunch of really nice ones that you could replace them with. Hopefully it works out anyway!

  3. Pin head aside he's a great looking model. What were you planning on doing with the Eagle part - I really loved the look of that piece.

    Damn shame about the tracks. FW have also shifted the tracks onto the side parts haven't they - they may struggle to source replacements if they dont have the original track moulds.

  4. Lovely paint job on the Emperor, it is really a great looking model!

    I had a few missing links for my Fellblade, so just cast up a few spare links for it rather than faffing around with FW. Could be an idea here if you've got the gear for casting

  5. I had problems with my KV2 as well, but I only got one of them. Sent a mail off to Maxmini but I am not hopeful with their response time.
    Real shame about the raiders and all, hopefully FW can sort something for you.

    The Emperah is looking good and I have never even tried eyes, so bravo on that.

  6. I never do eyes on models because they are just too small, Emperor looks avesome. Sad to heard about the missing parts of the tanks, hope they arrive soon.

  7. Woo! 1st game of infinity! How'd your monkey-boys fair?

    Boo! On both Maxmini AND Forgeworld. They should be ashamed of their asshattery.

    Emperor's googly eyes... A shame, as the rest of the piece looks rather good indeed. BUT!!! It is a very fixable mistake and you can still make this grand model look as you want with some work, surely?

  8. I love that Emperor.

    Off with his head !

  9. Emperor looks very cool, the cloak in particular is awesome sauce. With the tracks I've always heard good things about blood and skulls industry on eBAy if you can't get the originals.

  10. The paintjob on the Emperor model looks fantastic! :O Bad luck about the face, though I’m sure it still looks great! Doesn’t seem you’ve been having much luck lately though as two kits missing track links in clearly the work of the Laughing God…loving the Gothic style KV-2’s though, nothing beats a 152mm howitzer to the face!

  11. You're not the only one to get derp faces on models. Many's the time I resorted to beheading (where I could) and trying again.

    Sorry to hear about the tanks. At least there are a ton of after-market producers out there (2 months? Idk!) that you can go to for the parts. Doesn't look like they thought about pintle mounts on the turrets either? Hmm...

  12. Looking really good dude. That cloak especiallyI like.

    A good tip for eyes that I do is to do a black wash around the pupils with a thin brush (being careful not to obliterate the whites). This helps with the wobbly eye syndrome and also helps the eyes look more recessed in the face and stare less

  13. You may be able to get some replacement tracks from Blood and Skulls for the raiders.

  14. Hello,
    Who makes the model of the Emperor? I want a suitable model for a large Space Hulk storming Horus's Battle-barge game I am planning.

    Many thanks for any help you, or anyone else? can offer?