Saturday, June 4, 2016

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Assault Squad Mekhata built!

Got a little bit of build time in today and managed to get Assault Squad Mekhata put together and prepped for primer. At the moment assault squads are ruinously expensive points-wise but there are pretty solid indications that we're going to see a points drop in the upcoming release of the heresy legions 'red book'. That said, for the first 10 models of the squad I decided to keep 'em as cheap as possible - depending on how the points drop goes I may add a further 10 and include some power weapons in the mix.

Definitely dig the Achean upgrade kit, these heads are what I have been wanting for the army - the MaxMini Steam Knight heads I've used on the tac marines work well, but these are just better. The next challenge was how to denote that Sergeant Mekhata is wearing artificer armour and help him stand out from the rest of the unit (besides a fancy helmet). Hard to go wrong with wings, right?

FLASH! Aaaah Aaaah! Let's be honest, I'm going to sing that in my head every time I pick this model up. Found a box of Sanguinary Guard lurking in the Closet of Doom and pinched a set of wings from there, as they're perfectly suited to this style of jump pack. Not sure if I'm going to try to paint them up as mechanical additions to the pack, or as a psychic manifestation in ghostly blue/green. Thoughts?


  1. Very cool. Def think ghostly wings would look great

  2. Nice builds, the upgrade torso's and heads look great, which company are they from?

  3. @Zab: Will do!

    @NafNaf: Thanks man - I think you're right!

    @Francesc: Hah! Sounds like it's a unanimous vote!

    @Bronisaw Czevak: Thanks! The basic troopers torsos and heads are the semi-recent Forge World "Achean" Thousand Sons upgrade kits. The sergeant's helmet is from Wargame Exclusive miniatures. Cheers!

    @Vitor: Thanks very much!

    Cheers, everyone!

  4. Ghost wings is a nice idea but might be very hard to pull off. Good luck with them though.

    Whole squad is looking nice but then you were always good at picking parts and poses.

  5. I like the mech option for the wings over psychic, but it seems I am already out-voted!

    Good stuff mate!

  6. I was kinda down on them before, but the more I see the Contemptor and its variants, the more the design grows on me (especially Heresy-era ones like this one). They have a posability factor and a presence that the 40k-era stumpy ones don't, and particularly look good as custom legion sculpts.

  7. @Rory Priest: Aye, I'm a little apprehensive - can't get better unless you try new things, right? :D

    @Dai: If I flub the ghost wings badly, that's how they'll end up! Hah!

    @#2501: Aye, the Contemptor really feels like it could be an actual, functional machine. I had hoped they'd do them a bit more akin to the old "figure eight" dreads, but doing the old Epic style ended up being a better design choice in the end!