Sunday, October 9, 2016

40k Deathwatch - Army 99.9% Parade Ready!

It's amazing what working under a deadline will do for my productivity! I had a blissfully event-free Friday evening and the whole day Saturday, and buckled in for a marathon painting session to finish off the army before next weekend's event. Barring any minor issues that may reveal themselves in the photography stage the force is ready to rock!

First of course is a quick look at the force on the board as I mess around with various unit layouts. I really need to invest in a monopod - this was as in focus as I could manage. Hope to get some better final pics from the actual event next weekend!

So let's go through what all got finished over the two-day marathon - First up is the Watch Master, which is a superb sculpt, and I rather like the peek into the upcoming Custodes rules with his Guardian Spear!

I was quite taken by the Blood Angel librarian in terminator plate that was shown in the book and knew I wanted to take a crack at it. Continued on with the ghostly green for the force weapon, definitely going to be using that recipe for future psykic gear and spell effects...

I'd taken a group photo of Kill Team Cassius a little while back, so it was only fair that Watch Force Artemis got the same treatment. The two 5-man veteran squads have been shown before, so it was really just two models that needed to be completed for this unit to make it to the finish line.

The man himself, Brother Artemis is my favorite sculpt of the DW range, having owned the Inquisitor 54mm scale version back in the day. I might just have to trawl eBay and see if I can find another one, as I'd sold it on yoinks ago.

Sliding into place for my Dreadtober vow is Brother Nihilus. His background is rather interesting in the Death Masque booklet, he's essentially an interred Blackshield, so it's anyone's guess as to what lurks in his murky past! That said, after doing nothing but Contemptors for so long, working on an old 'brick dread' was kind of fun.

Not a whole lot changed on the Corvus front other than a little more weathering and some edge highlighting of the red wing stripes (though they are blown out in the pictures somewhat). Really dig this model, but it would be 100% cooler if it was 20% larger. There's just a bit of dissonance to me between its stats and its appearance. Still, best flyer GW was released in plastic for quite some time!

Finally, the bodyguard unit for the Watch Master and terminator librarian, Squad Graul - While I appreciate the hyper-individualistic nature of Kill Team Cassius, I wanted these folks to have a very singular battlefield role - close combat and protection of the HQ units. At least that's the theory, we'll see how they perform once I get them on the tabletop!

Next up, back to the whole reason I picked up Overkill in the first place and ended up with this whole Deathwatch army - a swarming brood of Genestealer Cult gribblies!


  1. Very nice! Gonna do the classic purple and blue with white spots rt era theme on the stealers or mix it up with something else?

  2. Lovely work and great efforts getting past the finish line, and very early for the Dreadtober challenge! Ha ha. The force looks great, your characteristic blue power weapon glow is now joined with a tasty ghost green, looks good.

  3. Yay - looking really cool. Seems like you paint up an army when I do one mini :D

  4. Pretty cool, just got me Comms Relay to finish up and I'm done too.

  5. That was what I was going to ask, what size do you print out the propaganda posters? I've got them as a .pdf and had to go down to 40% for them to even make sense at scale. They still appear A2-A1 in scale, I put one on a bastion but would like some that look A4 but then the print breaks up...

  6. My only point for the layout would be about the blokes with the shields. Its a small point as well, but when placing them i always think they look a lot better with the shields to the outside, ie left hand shields on the left of the group and vice versa. It just makes it look more realistic to me.

  7. Are you certain that you don't have a platoon of migrant painters locked away somewhere that you're not telling us about?!?!?

  8. I'm stealing that idea for force weapons now, thanks!

  9. Looks nice buddy. Good luck at the Armies on Parade event. No shock you have finished your Dreadtober model so early ;)

    Now when are you returning to the Dust?

  10. Looking good, mate! Best of luck this weekend!

  11. Crackin looking bunch of displaced Space Marines.

    Hope they'll do you proper on the tabletop mate!

  12. Lovely work. I especially like what you've done with the Corvus!

  13. @Zab: Thanks man! Aye, going with the old-school blues and purples for the chitin and skin, though I'm thinking about going yellow cloth rather than the orange from last time. Should be fun!

    @Siph_Horridus: I appreciate it!

    @Zzzzzz: Painting servitor mode on standby. :)

    @Manus: Hah! Gotta get 'em done and sold so I can afford the next batch!

    @Dave Weston: Awesome! Been digging what you've been doing, man!

    @Dave Weston (again): Aye, they're probably about 1"-1.5" tall when printed, I had the same issue and just ended up printing a bunch at different scales to find a balance between 'realistic' size and legibility.

    @Steven Burden: Good call!

    @Da Masta Cheef: Haha! Nope, just the painting servitor that I trundle out and set in front of the painting desk. ;)

    @CJ Kilbride: For sure! It's pretty easy, just a light grey-up-to-white blend, then a wash with GW's waywatcher green, then a light drybrush of ghost grey on the upper edges. Easy peasy!

    @Rory Priest: Thanks very much! Holding off on any major further KSons work until the upcoming Box Set from GW and book from FW drops, though I maaaaay start the Storm Eagle once the transfers I'd ordered from FW arrive...

    @Davetaylor: Thanks, bud!

    @Stephen: I appreciate it!

    @Dai: Hah! We'll see if I can get a game in with 'em before they go on the auction block. ;)

    @Peter Ball: Thanks very much, man!

    I appreciate all the kind words, everyone - Cheers!

  14. A thought occurs: will they hassle you for having non-GW models in there?

    I couldn't imagine they would (nor should they) but....