Tuesday, October 18, 2016

40k Genestealer Cult - The First Curse painting begins, and a Cult Leman Russ built!

Trundled out the painting servitor, filled the pigmentation application dispensers with the appropriate colors and set it to work on the Cult - built up quite the tidal wave of grey plastic, it's time to get cracking! I plan to work my way through the army painting process one detachment at a time, starting with the primogenitor of the Cult and the First Curse detachment.

Going with a muted version of the 'classic' genestealer blue and purple paint scheme, and so far the purple is more or less complete and the very first of the blues have been blocked in. I'm planning on adding some tattooed/painted spirals to them in white so wanted to keep their basic colors dark for a good contrast.

Added a bit more highlighting on the blue on the Patriarch to see how it looks, brightens it up a little bit but not overpoweringly so - pretty happy with the recipe so far!

In other news, a little package arrived on my doorstep yesterday containing some excellent conversion bits I'd ordered up from the always-awesome Blood and Skulls Industries. The package included the alternate turret, armor plating and plow to convert up a Leman Russ variant for the Cult. Still immediately identifiable as a Leman Russ but different enough to mark it out as a local PDF variant. I've always wanted to do a "more dakka" Exterminator, with three heavy bolters in the hull, a pair of autocannons in the turret and a heavy stubber just for that little extra overkill against horde armies.

Of course, when facing off against more heavily armored targets the cult needs a more robust weapon, so the turret weapon is magnetized to swap in a Vanquisher cannon instead! Rather dig the V-plow dozer blade as well, I think it ties in nicely with the similarly-angled plows on the Rockgrinders.


  1. ooh! I've been eyeing those armor plates and that plow for a while now...

    These pics may push me to actually buy them!

  2. Gorgeous Russes! I love the turrets. I'm going to be doing a Cult myself once I get done with some of my Orky airforce. My paint scheme is going to be a bit more cockroach like ;)

  3. Now that Russ looks cool. Those conversion bits really change it up. Good luck with the batch painting. Blocking in base colours is my least favourite part of painting

  4. I am afraid I am like the others and zoned in on the Russes. Excellent looking bits there. Looking forward to seeing them painted up.

  5. You need to mind you don't blow out the transformers on that painting servitor. Although yours appears to be pretty robust, you never know.

    I do like the way you've taken the default GS colourscheme and turned it down a notch or two. Looking forward to seeing them with their warpaint on as well.

    And I barely noticed the LRMBT variant. Really.


  6. @Da Masta Cheef: Likewise, I'd been casting about for a project to justify buying 'em. As always Tom's work is top notch, everything fit like a dream!

    @Rednekkboss: Thanks man! Definitely looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    @NafNaf: Cheers bud! I'm right there with ya, the first few passes in the batch process are by far the most tedious.

    @Rory Priest: Hah! That's the hope on the table as well - folks will zero in on the Leman Russ and ignore the tide of 'Stealers until it's too late! :)

    @Zzzzzz: Every so often I have to light the incense and purge the machine spirits but thus far the ol' servitor keeps on banging out the models. Hah!

    Thanks very much for the kind words, everyone!

  7. Great work mate, that leman Russ look very knocked together. Perfect for a cult list!

  8. Love that you're going with a classic scheme for the 'stealers! Always looks a little weird to me when I see alt colours chosen.

    The KV2 Leman Russ is imposing! But wow, so tall and what a juicy target, hard to hide. Like the real KV2, firing main guns on an upward slope might see this bugger toppling backward? :P

  9. Nice! I love those Blood and Skulls bits, especially those turrets!

    Now I just need to take on another full-time job, or maybe sell an army.....

  10. Nice one! What scheme are you thinking for the Russ?

  11. @Col. Hertford: Thanks! I was hoping for a slightly more ramshackle look as befitting the cult.

    @Dai: Cheers man! I do like the KV2 look, impractical as it is! :)

    @#2501: Hah! The Deathwatch were sold to help finance the furtherance of the Brotherhood...

    @Peter Ball: Thanks very much!

    @Davetaylor: I'm thinking of going full Caterpillar/Tonka yellow for the mining vehicles, and considering going with a deep blue on the guard and tanks similar to the chitin color of the 'stealers. Can't quite justify painting 'em purple. Heh.