Monday, November 28, 2016

40k Genestealer Cult - The cult takes the field, and some more Acolytes painting...

Hope our American readers had a lovely Thanksgiving (and the rest of you had an agreeable Thursday)! The days leading up to the holiday were full of non-hobby duties, but I did manage to actually get a game in (GASP) over the following long weekend! No real battle report to relate and just a pair of pics as I got so into the game that I forgot to take any others. Guess that's the sign of an enjoyable game!

Threw down against a friend's Crimson Fists, and to my shame my army wasn't fully painted yet. We played with my favorite house rule "Suffer Not The Unpainted To Live" (painted models gain preferred enemy against unpainted models) which is always amusing. Mechanically, painted models SHOULD fight better! That said, the painted models I did have performed admirably, with the First Curse being an absolute buzzsaw of a unit. I actually felt a little dirty with how quickly they chewed through everything they touched. We were playing a Tactical Objectives type game, and the ability for the cult to redeploy willy-nilly meant they pounced on a number of objectives and when the dust settled had won the day. The shadow in the void draws ever closer...

Over the weekend I did feel re-invigorated to get some more cultists painted and banged out the basic colors for the next batch of Acolytes and the Cult Iconward, which make up a third of The Doting Throng. In addition are a spare Acolyte Leader and Cult Icon which will allow me to run them as a pair of 10-man squads instead of the mondo 20-man squad.

In other news, a couple boxes of Forge World goodness have arrived which has lit an additional fire under me to finish off the Genestealer Cult army. I've more or less decided that the models in the Burning of Prospero box don't particularly match the aesthetic of my current Thousand Sons army, and since I do want to build and paint the Custodes and Sisters of Silence (which obviously wouldn't ally with the boys in crimson) some sort of loyalist force was needed. Messing with the dirty yellow on the cult meant that it's time to reprise the Imperial Fists! Holding off on the Custodes/Sisters side until Inferno drops, but thought a tidy little 2000 point force would be reasonable. Going with the Pride of the Legion rite of war, and thought a little 1st Company veterans force would be a fun use for the new plastics (and a tiny model count after this horde nonsense)!

...Yes I absolutely needed to start another project, why do you ask? Heh.


  1. Great one. Particularly enjoyed that homebrew rule! :D

  2. Of course you needed another project. In fact i'm not sure one new one is really enough for you...

    Cult is looking excellent. Yellow is always the good colour to go for on industrial vehicles.

  3. The cult is looking fab on the table. Great stuff dude.

    You know, you could always start a wolves army to go with your prospero hero ;)

  4. Congratulations for the victory!
    Be sure to put a master of signal and a heavy support squad with lasers in the fists to benefit from tank hunters, I can reccomend both after playing some games.
    Also when Dorn gets mini he'll turn all termis into troops without a rite, a nice rule to go with your 1st company.

  5. Now that's a fantastic house rule! (and one that locally, may find a bit of resistance were I to try and implement it...)

  6. Your cult looks amazing, especially on the painted board. Any other insights from throwing them at the enemy?

  7. Actually playing a game? Not sure I approve of that strategy. ;)

  8. Bloody incorrigible you are! Always with the never-ending new projects.... *grumbles*

    Game table looks fantastic btw. Is that at a games store or someone's private table?

  9. @Peter Ball: Thanks! It's a good way to keep motivated painting!

    @Rictus: Haha! I took stock and there's five on the trot at the moment. Going to have to buckle down and get a couple of 'em done and on the auction block!

    @NafNaf: Thanks very much! ...And never! The only further Wolves I'll be doing will be casualties on KSons bases! :D

    @Francesc: Indeed, I'm looking to add a few heavy support choices and a heavy weapon team with Lascannons is high on the list of picks!

    @Da Masta Cheef: It's a lot of fun when used as a tool to get a local group of like-minded friends painting, especially in a league or campaign setting!

    @#2501: Thanks man! I think I played the Rockgrinders too timidly, but going full-on horde with 20-man units meant that even the neophytes were throwing a TON of fire. They are definitely an in-your-face army, not a lot of long-range firepower - definitely benefit from being within 12" of the foes on the shooting side as soon as possible. Will definitely want to play them a couple more times to really come to grips with 'em.

    @Rory Priest: Haha! It did seem odd to actually be rolling dice again!

    @Dai: Had a little windfall to the hobby fund last month with some surprise sales, but with the upcoming Tzeentchy plastics incoming I am going to have to suck it up and finish off a couple projects and get 'em out the door. Too many projects! The table was at the local GW shop - I love the city realm of battle board's looks but we found it was a terrible surface to actually roll dice on. Every throw had at least one cocked dice due to all the detailing.

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone!

  10. That rule for unpainted/painted models is awesome...

  11. Totally naffing that house rule - splendid!

    The Cult is coming on strong. I played one of the local group in a small game and they are dirty good - the rules suit the theme of the army to a tee.

    And yet one more army, who's got time for that!?

  12. @TheAmbit: It does add a layer of comedy to the game if taken in the proper spirit! ;)

    @Frothing Muppet: Cheers bud! It did seem as though the rules fit the fluff rather well, they're very sneaky!