Monday, November 7, 2016

40k Genestealer Cult - Goliath Rockgrinder crew painted!

Now that the Rockgrinders are completed up to the pre-weathering stage, I wanted to knock out the crewmen. The Rockgrinders were a touch bi-chromatic but that was on purpose so the gunners would pop a bit...

I was concerned that as they'll be sharing the yellow color on their fatigues that they'd end up getting lost in the general yellowness of the vehicles, so didn't include much in the way of white on the trucks themselves. Keeping the crew separate for painting proved to be a good idea, there's all sorts of challenging angles that I wouldn't have been able to get to with a brush had they been assembled in situ (I'm usually guilty of getting overexcited and building the models completely in one go without thinking of the consequences in later painting stages).

Moment of truth time came with their installation on the trucks. Well pleased with how they turned out! All that remains to do is pick out a few more details on them here and there that have become apparent, then a touch of the ol' sponge weathering over the next few evenings!

While I was about it I snapped a quick pic of my painting 'cheat sheet' for the force. I tend to put one of these together for any big project that is going to span a few months. It allows me to go back and re-create the scheme on models later on in the project and be sure they'll match up. Also allows me the ability to delve back into earlier projects and recall particular color results that I liked and re-use them - The yellow recipe is the one that I'd used on the Imperial Fists a while back and rather enjoyed. Plans are afoot to revisit that project again over the next few months...


  1. Loving the cheat sheet. Great idea. I should probably do that myself, since my projects can span months-years at the painfully slow pace I sometimes paint.

  2. They are a great addition (and look fab by themselves too). Adds another layer of depth and interest to the trucks.

    Great idea on the cheat sheet. Wish I had done that on a few projects as I now can't remember how I did some of them

  3. They do look well in place for sure. So they are done now and onto Thousand Sons right? ;)

  4. Looking great, a fresh new delivery of Rockgrinders from the forge world!

    I have tried cheat sheets along similar lines before, though I often get distracted and don't fill them in properly and miss something!

  5. How do you work so quick? To such a standard... My mind still boggles...

    Great job on the crew.

    With regards cheat sheet, I have done these before, which I inevitably lose. Now I tend to do an post an unpublished blog post.

  6. Now I kind of want to use those bits from the heavy gunners to make a diorama of a 40K video arcade ;)

  7. You use a cheat sheet ? Hummmm....

    I try to find a paint pot that is more or less the colour I'm after.

  8. @Rednekkboss: Cheers man!

    @NafNaf: Thanks much! It's been a recent thing for me and wish I'd started sooner...

    @Rory Priest: Haha! I'm itching to get back to the Sons, but still in a holding pattern until the release of the book. Disappointed it's not coming until February, but at least it's near!

    @Nick Thrower: Indeed! It was usually the next session before I realize I hadn't been keeping up on the sheet and have to go back and do two or three color sets. :)

    @Col. Hertford: Thanks! It's all down to doing a little painting every day (thanks to Bob Ross for instilling that habit in me). I keep meaning to transfer the various sheets into a moleskine notebook so they're all in one place...

    @WestRider: Haha! Totally!

    @Zzzzzz: If you ain't cheatin', you ain't painting! To be fair almost all of my techniques are cheats one way or another. Hah!

    Thanks for all the kind words, folks!

  9. More excellent additions! Good call on the white uniforms too.

    Like Zzzzzz, I just try to find a paint that matches what's already been done. One day perhaps I'll become organised with cheat sheets. Maybe.

  10. Great idea with the cheat sheet!! Like the Neophyte gunner about to throw the demo charges

  11. @Peter Ball: Thanks very much!

    @Dai: Cheers bud! They are a desparate attempt to stay organized on my part! :)

    @Dave Henderson: I appreciate it!

  12. Love the scheme! I'm slowly doing up a Jormungandr army and this cheat sheet will be really helpful for the rockgrinders.