Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Adepticon 2017 - Pictures From An Exhibition, Part One

Sorry for the radio silence there, but I've been on vacation in Chicago while attending Adepticon! Ah, a weekend among thousands of geeks - The fun! The Camraderie! The gamer funk...

As usual I took a ton of pictures, and as usual most of them didn't turn out particularly well but I thought I'd do a couple posts with the pics I did manage to salvage - Part one is a selection of lovely Heresy armies! There were another 10-15 that I either didn't get a change to photograph or took shoddy pics of, which is a shame - the level of artistry on display was truly fantastic overall!

Mechanicum, Raven Guard, Iron Warriors

More Mechanicum, Sons of Horus, Word Bearers

World Eaters, Salamanders, More Iron Warriors

Even More Mechanicum, Emperor's Children, Solar Auxila


While I didn't get any good pics of it in progress, there was a HUUUUGE apocalypse game being played during the weekend, recreating the Battle of Helsreach. I don't normally go in for playing in massive games like that, but it was one heck of a spectacle when it was in full swing!

Next up will be a few pics from the games my Imperial Fists took part in, as well as a look at some goodies picked up at the con!


  1. That hells reach table blows my mind! It must take a storage unit to store it all by itself.

  2. Was awesome to see you there Joel!

  3. @John Stiening: Indeed - it was a massive edifice, can't imagine transport and storage of something like that!

    @Greg Hess: Likewise, bud! Good times all around!

  4. Wish we had gotten to meet up!

  5. Those Squats look fantastic!