Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Adepticon 2017 - Pictures From An Exhibition, Part Two

Part two of the Adepticon coverage today, this time it's pictures of some games and some swag!

The games were all rather fun, so much so in fact that I didn't end up taking many pictures of them! The first day was the Heresy Friendly tournament, which was 2500 points a side - My opponents were unilaterally awesome, though the lists were rather fierce. First up was my Fists vs. a Salamanders force (as there was an odd number of Loyalists/Traitors) so we had a bit of a "training exercise". There was a massive scrum in the middle of the table with Vulkan and a mess of his bodyguards and Sigismund and his Templar Brethren and terminators. It was a bloodbath, but victory went to the Salamanders by the end.

The second game was against a beautifully dark and creepy Alpha Legion force that was full of infiltrators and jump troops, who threw down a ton of phosphex. Burn baby, burn! Another loss for the fists but they savaged the forces of Alpharius as well. In the end it was down to a single VP.

The last game of the friendly was against a cracking gentleman's Death Guard. Sigismund was particularly impressive this game, standing toe-to-toe with Mortarion for 5 full turns - in the end the game ground to a stalemate with a perfectly balanced draw. Not a loss, so I'll take it!

The next day saw the Fists take part in the Gomeiza Conflict, a vast narrative campaign that ran all weekend. I has mis-read the event description so while it also used the same 2500 point force, it turns out it was team games at 5000 points a side. My teammates and opponents were all fantastic, but the game size really made them a bit of a slog in my opinion. Each game took nearly 4 hours and in both games my force was wildly outclassed by superheavies and tidal waves of World Eaters (between the two games I literally faced off against 180 of Angron's kin, totally brutal). During the convention I'd mentioned to a couple folks that the Imperial Fists were for sale, and it turns out one of the folks I'd met was interested and bought them on the spot - Saved me the hassle of trying to get them home (and then sell them on ebay), and more or less ended up paying for the whole weekend. Huzzah!

The swag bag they handed out was amazing, with a vast amount of stuff including a huge box of Rune Wars (which was traded away as there was no good way for me to get it home). Very impressive!

Forge World was in attendance, but I managed to keep the purchases reasonably under control - A few of the event-only models, a couple things for the Thousand Sons, and a spare copy of the Rogue Trader reprint (to be given away soon, as the blog is rapidly approaching post #800)!

One of my opponents does custom painting/powder coating(?) as a job and had made up a bunch of really cool insulated mugs, and as I'd mentioned I was a Thousand Sons guy at heart he gave me one of them as a consolation prize for being tabled by his World Eaters. Awesome guy and a fun game, even though it was a massacre!

The folks that do Eagle Ordinary were in attendance in full cosplay mode, and were handing out some hysterical stuff they'd printed out including a coloring book and magazine.

Overall it was a fun weekend, though there were a few hiccups with the hotel that spoiled things ever so slightly (still trying to sort out some double-charging for rooms that is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth). I think I'd still attend Adepticon again next year, but I'm of the opinion that NOVA is a better-run event in a better locale overall, very much looking forward to that coming up later in the year!


  1. Ug double charged rooms? That is some !@)$&!)&(! My swag is arriving today, had to ship from the hotel, I get to see how much of it made it.

  2. Nice man .. looks like the event was awesome and you had some good games. Would be cool to make it out there one of these days!!

  3. @Greg Hess: Apparently they hit me with a no-show charge for the room they didn't have to give me when I showed up, but at the same moment charged me for the twin-bed room they foisted me off on. Got is sorted out but argh...

    @Lasgunpacker: Indeed - I was amazed!

    @Todd Sherman: It was good, but overall I think NOVA is a better con. Hopefully we'll cross paths there later in the year!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! I'm going to have to get my butt in gear and get my alpha legion done, I'd really like to start getting into gaming 30k properly and do a few tournaments. I may have to get a plan together like the painting charts you do. Do you use a program when you put the force organisation charts together or just excel or something?

  5. Love the look of that Thousand Son flask! Sounds like it was a good event, shame about the hotel tho.

  6. @Bronislaw Czevak: Was a fun weekend for sure! The painting charts are just done in excel, pretty simple! :)

    @Alpha Omega: Cheers, got it all sorted out but it was a little endemic of their disorganization over the weekend...

  7. What a load of fun sounding (If long at times) games!

    Good hawl too on the swagbag. Shame you couldn't get Runewars home, it looks pretty good.

    Rather envious of your Event Only Blood Bowl duo...