Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Assault squads painting begins!

The weather has turned rather warm here, meaning it's getting unpleasantly hot up in the hobby loft but I have managed to sneak in a session or two in the mornings while it's still reasonable up there. Figured it was time to knock out a few more troops choices, so the assault squads came out of the foam and onto the painting desk!

Not a whole lot of excitement so far, just blacked in all the joints and laid in the first two greys and whites on the trim. So far so good though!

As a bit of a teaser, I quite enjoyed the green color the Sons of Horus NOVA Charity Army recipe suggested, and after painting up the helmet of one, it was a foregone conclusion that I'd try it out on a full model. Fairly straightforward, it's Vallejo USMC Tank Crew as the mid-tone, with a 50/50 mix with black for the undercoat and the USMC Tank Crew Highlight as the, well, highlight. I rather think there's going to be more of this in the future once I get on the other side of all these Thousand Sons!


  1. Hopefully we can get a game in at Nova.. I think our armies would looking awesome on the table together! .. the clean Reds and my dirty blacks! .. It's coming up quick! before we know it it will be here haha

  2. Always good to SW some assault marines getting some love :)

    Def loving the sons of Horus green too.
    Such a cool colour and looks great as a whole army

  3. Those wings on the assualt sargeants, I do like them.

    The SoH chaplin is looking well. Slightly differently style than your usual, which can be fun.

  4. @Todd Sherman: Absolutely! I'm frantically painting as the time ticks by, really looking forward to NOVA this year!

    @NafNaf: Thanks very much! Gotta crank out more Troops choices for the KSons, and I'm pretty excited to do some Sons of Horus, mostly because I want to paint Horus, Abbadon and Loken!

    @Rory Priest: Cheers bud! The SoH guy was mostly just slapping paint around to get a feel for the seafoam green tone, but I'm rather liking it!

  5. The wings make them look a little too blood angles for my tastes. But they still look good.

    The sons will be cool, any chance of sharing the recipe?

  6. @Col. Hertford: Aye, they'll be getting the ghostly green treatment which should hopefully de-BA them a touch. The SoH recipe is based on the vallejo "USMC Tank Crew" green, with the undercoat being a 50/50 mix with black, pure tank crew as the midtone, then the premixed "USMC tank crew highlight" as the highlight. Works a treat!