Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Javelin Attack Speeder Squadron Ka-Tet begins!

Another trio of models were set in front of the painting servitor, ignoring its plaintive blurt of binaric. It's Javelin Attack Speeders this go-around, one of my favorite models in the Heresy range, with an upgrade to armour, and several impressive weapon options over their more pedestrian Land Speeder cousins. As an orbital assault force, the Khamasiin is somewhat lacking in ranged anti-tank weaponry so squadron Ka-Tet is armed with twin-linked lascannons and multi-meltas. That's the ticket!

I'd left the crew separate to facilitate painting, so started off by laying in the basic colors on them, and worked up the shading on the speeders a bit.

Once the crew were ready to go, the black and bone panels were laid in on the speeders and then the gold trim - Coming together nicely!

Far too hot today to paint after work (nearly 100F), so other than a furtive burst of installing the crew and starting the steel on the first model I was driven from the loft, but not before snapping a couple quick pictures.

So far so good!


  1. "armed with twin-linked lascannons and multi-meltas", yep that will do the job!

  2. @Riot: Hah! I have a feeling they'll be blown off the table right quick, too.

    @Artificer: Thanks very much!

  3. One from many. Good name. Great models, even if they go Ka-Boom!

  4. Looking well and the red is slightly duller than your usual I think, I prefer it without as much shine personally.

  5. @Monkeychucka: Thanks! Been having fun with the names. :)

    @Rory Priest: Cheers! The airbrushing basecoats experiment has been interesting, found it difficult to maintain consistent results. I plan on going back to brushwork on the next project, I think...

  6. Great little unit Mordian! Just remember, real men don't jink!