Saturday, October 7, 2017

Heresy Era Sons of Horus - Forge Lord built!

Just a quick hit today - Though there's been some progress, there hasn't been much worth photographing on the painting side over the last couple days. However, as a bit of a reward for cranking away on the models I did do a little build time and put together another Cataphractii-armoured character for the force - A Forge Lord!

Every time I go to a convention I've tried to pick up a couple of the event-only models but haven't really used any of them for the Thousand Sons as they don't match the aesthetic. Now that I'm working on the Sons of Horus, they're all finally seeing the light of day! This one comes standard with a thunder hammer and a combi-volkite which is a frankly useless combi-weapon, so it was swapped out for a basic combi-bolter. The addition of a cyber-familiar and a couple mechadendrites and he makes a more than passable Forge Lord for the force! Rather like how he turned out, and am quite looking forward to getting some paint on him!


  1. Whoa! Doc Oc got nothin' on you!

  2. Your blatant and repeated heresy aside; that is another great kit bash.

  3. @Monkeychuka: Haha! Between spats of heresy he'll be trying to kill Spiderman. :)

    @Zab: Thanks very much, man!

    @Responsible One: I appreciate it!

    Cheers, folks!