Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Necromunda - Goliath gang painted!

Quick hit this evening - Got a little more brush time in over the last few days and finished up the Sump City Gym Membership Collections Department!

Pretty happy with how they turned out, and though the Goliaths are way down on my list of favorite gangs, I have to admit the new edition's sculpts are truly excellent. In general they're a bit more subdued color-wise than the Escher's punk aesthetic, but I did have some fun with a couple neon mohawks, and the Luchador mask on the guy on the far left! I rather like the hazard stripes for the front 90 arc, and plan to do the same on the Eschers.

I took a page from one of my favorite MST3K episodes for their names:

Leader - Bulk VanderHuge
Champion - Blast Thickneck
Gangers - Gristle McThornbody, Hack Blowfist, Trunk Slamchest, Slab Bulkhead, Stump Chunkman, Bold Bigflank, Slate Fistcrunch, and Fridge Largemeat!

I feel each activation will have to be accompanied by a WWE-announcer-style voiceover - "And now, charging into battle, it's Bullllllllk VanderHuuuuuuuuge! "


  1. lol, mine should arrive tomorrow. Can't believe you are done. Fast sir you are fast.

  2. Now you just have to have all the scenery bits painted by tomorrow to really impress me ;0)

    But seriously brilliant job man!

  3. Impressive. I feel shamed to admit it but my Fanatic Goliath's and some from the last edition still need paint.

  4. Great stuff! The hazard stripes work really well on the base. Do they serve a game purpose as well? E.g. line of sight arc?

  5. Wow, that Sir, is impressively quick work!

    I'm with you, Goliath's have never been my favourite aesthetic, though in order to get a game in using the new rules I'm using them tomorrow night and I can't wait!

  6. Brilliant work Joel! So happy to see all these new models being painted by everyone!

  7. Loving the names. Well played. I actually have the original metal ones in the attic to dig out.

  8. @Zab: I cannot wait to see your take on the gangs, man!

    @Riot: Haha! Behind the scenes, almost all of the scenery bits ARE done... ;)

    @Phil Curran: No shame, I still have a mess of old metals in various states of painted-ness too!

    @Michal Corr: Thanks! Aye, the front 90 degree facing has some importance in the new ruleset.

    @Nick Thrower: Thanks much! They're pretty burly in the new edition, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the game!

    @Greg Hess: I appreciate it, bud!

    @Rory Priest: Haha! Thanks man!

    @ScottShoemaker: Not as much as I probably should! :)

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

  9. Pretty effin cool mate! Wow, you have speed painting down! Goliaths were also not my favs back in the day as I felt the old sculpts were just ludicrous, but yeah, these new ones are just fantastic.

    I think were I to start my old school Orlocks this very day, I'd still be working on them in a year from now.... -__-

  10. @Dai: Thanks man! I really enjoyed painting 'em which contributed to the speed, it was easier to do a long session without the tedium of yet another power armoured model setting in. I have a feeling I'll be doing up every gang as they're released based on the quality of these new sculpts!