Saturday, November 18, 2017

Necromunda - More Bulkheads!

Few more strips of the "solid" style bulkheads given a little extra detail! For the most part the "skeletal" style bulkheads just got the oily metal treatment but there's tons of room to play with on these:

Did a couple strips with blood spatter - A dark reddish brown was stippled on, then some Blood for the Blood God was drizzled in. Another strip got some graffiti - Cracked open some old Judge Dredd comics for some cheeky hive curse words.

The last couple strips got some propaganda posters and handbills glued in place - I'm concerned they're not going to stick too well so will be coming back at them tomorrow to give 'em another pass of PVA and another sealant pass to hopefully nail them in place.


  1. Nice prep! Wish i could afford a new project. Necromunda was my all tine fav gw game. Maybe its time to paint those old orlocks...

  2. If you can get handbills printed on a laser printer you can wet em and soften up the paper and then they adhere to the contours of the surface better.

    These look great!

  3. So, this will be the bulk of your painting then?

  4. Nice! I'm currently resisting the urge to do Necromunda. Successfully resisting. By painting Spyrers. And probably preordering the new game.

  5. Loving the handbills on them. Bravo.

  6. @Dai: Indeed! I've been agonizing over whether to toss all my Delaques into a bucket of Simple Green and re-do them, or keep 'em as a historical record...

    @CJ Kilbride: Indeed - this was a bit of a hack job, in retrospect doing them on better paper/fabric would likely work better.

    @Francesc: Hah! Hardly. :)

    @Siph_Horridus: There's always MOAR! Haha!

    @Myincubliss: Haha! That's the best kind of resistance. I'm right there with ya!

    @Rory Priest: Thanks very much!