Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Dreadtober 2018 - House Vyronii Armigers complete!

More Dreadtober goodness this morning! It's been kind of nice having two projects going at the same time - When I get tired of the red and black of the Word Bearers I've been able to bounce over to the green and white of House Vyronii. ...But not any longer, as my pledge for Dreadtober 2018 is now complete!

First up are the Armiger Warglaves, all set for close-in work with their Melta weapons and close combat weapons.

And second are the Armiger Helverins, which are probably my favorite of the two varieties. Really dig the twin autocannon look!

All in all I'm really happy with them, they were a blast to build and a joy to paint. Now we'll see if I can actually get them on the tabletop at some point!

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  1. Great job! I like the dynamic poses and the paint work came out very well indeed. Congrats on completing your pledge - and four dread-sized models no less!

  2. Complete and lookin' sweet! The Helverins are my faves of the two as well. Nothing wrong with the Warglaives, they're cool, but the Helverins look cooler. And they have that awesome Anti-Flyer Stratagem, which gives them a unique niche in the Codex and, indeed, in the game, since most other AA platforms kinda suck.

  3. Great stuff! Really digging the green and white colour scheme on your models.

  4. Impressive work. You must've been really pushing it to paint up 4 of these; they're pretty big models and they look great!

  5. Cracking results mate! Now we need NEED a pic of them flanking their Knights!

  6. Love the Heraldic patterns and scheme