Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Get your motor runnin'... Part 2

Still working on building the proxy rough riders on Hornet motorcycles and I snapped a quick picture after primering the few I've managed to assemble. I decided to change up the hunting lances based on a post by John and Mike over at Santa Cruz Warhammer seeing as I had a number of rokkit bits left over from the Ork sprues.

At the moment I only have six of the ten models built for the first squad, as I ran out of the plastic rod I was using for the lances. The end result will be seven lancers, two meltaguns and the sergeant, and I intend to build a second squad once I have a chance to place an order with Ramshackle Games for another 10.

Lastly I'm planning on using a slightly modified version of one of the single-cast bikes with integral riders to create a proxy Mogul Kamir miniature that is better suited to the history of the Mordian 7th Regiment.The fellow that runs Ramshackle Games threw this miniature in with my order due to a slight delay in shipping, and with the addition of a helmet and removal of some of the more egregious 'evil' bits I think it'll work. I'm working on a suitable bit of fluff to explain his looks and equipment as they relate to the Mogul Kamir rules.

So far so good!

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