Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rounds Inbound, Part 2

Took some time this afternoon to do some painting and knocked out the proxy Griffon. While I was at it I also painted up a Destroyer I'd built based on an old beat up Leman Russ chassis. Not my best conversion work by a long shot, but it's servicable I suppose.

I really should have done more with the barrel, I may end up replacing it with something more interesting looking in the future. It's been unusually cloudy for the last week or so, and the models come out looking a little more blue than they truly are - it's supposed to be rather nice tomorrow, hopefully I can get some better-lit shots...


  1. Great work on both of them. Nice addition and creative use of a Chimera turret on the Destroyer as well.

  2. Thanks! I wanted to do something a little more interesting than just covering the turret collar with a bit of plasticard, it seemed to work. When in doubt turn it upside down or backwards, I say!

  3. Yep! All good stuff indeed. I would think about changing that destroyer cannon barrel...though by no means as a priority.

    Love the paint job on the griffon!

  4. I agree - the barrel is rather bland as it stands now. I was going for the over-sized lascannon look, but it really needs more detailwork where it meets the hull, and/or the barrel needs to be replaced with something more akin to the 'real' destroyer model. That should be fairly simple to rework without marring the rest of the vehicle, which is nice.