Friday, June 5, 2009

Da Brain Boyz, Stage 3 - 'Ere ta fix yer gubbinz!

Victory! The last of the Orks are done! My usual Thursday evening plans were canceled this week so I had a free evening to finish up the two Big Meks - one with a Shokk Attack Gun and one with a Kustom Force Field generator. It's been a bit overcast the last few days so the pictures came out a little darker than usual - It's supposed to be fairly decent today so I hope to get a group shot of all the Orks I've managed to paint over the last few weeks. I'm actually pretty pleased, 37 figs done in a little more than three weeks, quite a bit faster than I'd anticipated.

Now to get them boxed up and shipped out - I'd sold the majority of the army back in December, and had been commissioned to finish off the remaining Orks by a fellow that ended up with most of them. There remains a small unit of scratch-built Freebootaz that I'm keeping for now as I intend to run a one-shot Dark Heresy game for my friends wherein they play Ork Pirates. I'd built the custom Pirate Kaptin using the Warboss model from the AoBR set, and the Freebootaz are built using the Nobs from the same set, plus some suitably modified Snazzguns made from the leftover weapons from the Lootas/Burnas box (as I'd built that set out as Burna Boyz).

Now it's time to get back to my first love - the glorious Mordian 7th! I've built a few models here and there while working on the Orks, and I'm currently trying to decide what I should work on next. I have a nasty habit of building and converting tons of miniatures then getting discouraged at the vast amount of painting to be done. I think I'm going to try and paint up what I've built so far before building anything else, though I'll admit I'm really itching to take a crack at the Valkyrie kits! Perhaps I can use that as a reward to myself for painting up the guardsmen that I have assembled though...

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