Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The best laid plans...

Well heck.

Due to lack of foresight on my part, I have a couple out of state trips coming up and less entertainment money than I'd like to take with me on said trips. That being the case I decided to set aside the Mordian 7th for a bit and turn my attentions to finishing off a couple small units so I can get them up on the auction block. Edit: A tremendous hailstorm has put the kibosh on the trip I had planned for this coming weekend. Very much a shame, but I won't shed a tear about not having to spend the money...

I'd intended to make up a Traitor Guard army when the first Siege of Vraks book came out, but I'd have to say that I've lost motivation to create the army as a whole since then and it's time to get the various units finished up and off my shelves. There's still a number of models lurking in boxes yet, but I have managed to finish off a few of the half-painted units.

First off, a unit of Blood Pact Traitor Guard. My intention was to do one squad of guardsmen for each of the four ruinous powers, and the Khornate guardsmen would be represented by the Blood Pact. The models are a mix of Catachan Jungle Fighter, Brettonian Man-At-Arms, and Chaos Marauder bits, and their grotesques are made from shaved-down goblin faces.

Secondly, the unit of Renegade Enforcers - these I'd painted up a while back, absolutely brilliant sculpts from FW, they just look malevolent!

Next up was a unit of Alpha Legion marines. My intention was that the guardsmen were led down the path to ruin by a small group of Alpha Legionnaires who had disguised themselves as Dark Angels. Once their sinister plans were revealed however, they cast off their disguises and took to the battlefield in their true battle colors.

The IA book's army list has a slightly different mix of weapons options for the unit than the current Chaos Codex, allowing the squad 3 special weapons and a heavy weapon. I decided to make up a spare heavy weapon marine to allow the unit to swap out the Lascannon for a Plasma Cannon should the situation call for it.

I wanted to model all the wargear on the Alpha Legionnaires, and as such I tried to model the basic troopers with a Bolter, Bolt Pistol and Chainsword. I modeled a couple troopers with their Bolters slung using some thin plasticard, all in all I thought it gave the models an interesting look.

On the HQ side, I included a Daemon Prince, mostly because I liked the model and wanted to paint one, rather than any particular love for the model on the tabletop (I found the Daemon Prince to be somewhat underpowered for the points cost).

The last model I have completed but will not be selling is one of two Rogue Psykers. I really like this model, it's one of the better sculpts to come out for the Traitor Guard, in my opinion. Though I don't plan on fielding the Traitor Guard, I'm keeping this model for use in our occasional game of Dark Heresy. Gotta have bad guys for the players to face off against, after all!

I still have a unit of Renegade Ogryns to finish, as well as a 10-man unit of Nurgle-themed Traitor Guard made from Cadian and Zombie bits and a 20-man unit of the FW Renegade Militia. Now that the trip has been canceled I can get back to the glorious 7th, so they'll likely languish on the shelves for a while longer...


  1. The enforcers and psycher models really are great looking sculpts! Do you have the other psycher model too?

  2. Thanks! They were the models that first got me wanting to do a new Traitor Guard army. I do still have the other model, it's lurking somewhere in the Closet of Doom. I'll have to see if I can find it!

  3. As a fan of the Blood Pact (my entire blog is about working on my BP army) I have to say your conversion is a great idea. The masks are huge, but somehow that fits with the GW 'heroic scale'. Excellent idea from conception to execution!

  4. Aye - if I was to attempt the project anew, I might go with gnoblar faces rather than goblins, they seem to be a little smaller. I really like what you've done with your Blood Pact, those heads are awesome!