Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We got da best shootas dere is!

At last! As part of my recent frenzy to finish up all the half-painted models, I managed to complete the last Ork unit remaining on the shelves - the Flash Gits:

I decided to go with a more ostentatious paint scheme, lots of bright patches of color and plenty of gold – as though they’d looted bits of clothing along with all the teef and guns.

The leader is intended to be a proxy Kaptin Badrukk, and was built from the AoBR Warboss, an arm from an IG Ogryn and a fair bit of greenstuff.

The Flash Gits are made from AoBR Nobs with the occasional arm swap. Their Snazzguns are built from leftover Lootas weapons from the Burna Boys boxes, and parts from the Warbikers sprues.

I chopped up the Loota weapons into backpack-fed versions, to leave the models off-hands free for a choppa or slugga.

This last one is definitely my favorite of the models, let no one say he's not toting around enough Dakka!

All in all a fun little unit to build and paint, and I have to say it's a nice feeling to have all of the orks completed!


  1. nice orks man, i like the effect you got on the tubes with the shading. i have orks too, did you ever consider washing your orks with devlin mud? gives them that rustic, ichy ork look that everyone loves :)

  2. Thanks! I'm working on starting a new Ork army, and since I sold these old ones I have started using the Devlan Mud wash on other models more recently. You're right, it's definitely going to be used on the new orks to give 'em that oily, muddy look!