Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stay on target!

The original Mordian 7th army list included several units that aren't in the codex any more such as the Thudd Gun and the Rapier Laser Destroyer. Granted, the Thudd Gun has made a reappearance in the Siege of Vraks books and I have to admit that I LOVE the new, larger model. I have one on order from Forge World, but as the order also included some pre-order models, I don't expect it to arrive any time soon. In the meantime I managed to dig up an old Rapier model which I'd updated a little in order to add it to the army:

It's definitely a home-game unit, as there really isn't anything in the current codex for which I feel it would make a suitable proxy model. The Adeptus Mechanicus army list by the fine folks over at Tempus Fugitives include rules for it however, and those will be what I'll use for home games:

0-1 Rapier.............................95 points
Crew: 2 Guardsmen
Range: 48"
Strength: 10
AP: 1
Type: Heavy 1, Twin Linked

The Ad-mech Codex includes a Techpriest in the unit's points cost, but when I use it for the Mordian 7th it'll just have the two guardsmen crew. This will be a multi-army unit used in both the 7th and the Ad-Mech army I'm slowly putting together...


  1. Great old models - but jeez, that's a generous Tempus Fugitives statline!

    Points/nastiness aside, surely that statline's intended for the twin-barrelled version of the rapier rather than the quad-barrelled one?

  2. I figured it makes sense for the four-barreled version m'self. I'd envision their thought process was the two barreled would be the standard Str9 AP2 of a lascannon with the benefit of twin-linking - The second pair bumps the strength up to 10 and the AP down to 1. At 95 points it's about on par with the non-mechanized Medusa emplacement (whose Str and AP match), though it gives up the large blast template in favor of the twin-linked single target... Mostly I'm adding it because the original list had one. :)

  3. Either way, it's great to see, and I love how you've modelled it, too!

    Maybe I'll dig mine out...