Thursday, November 5, 2009

TOEMP #7 - All Hail The Ommnissiah! Part 1

Well we're coming up on the deadline for the 7th TOEMP challenge, and unfortunately it looks like I'm going to fall short on this one by a day or two. The last couple weeks have been chock full of long hours at work, houseguests, band shenanigans and other distractions and I haven't had a lot of time to put brush to model. However, I wanted to post what I have gotten done thus far! After building and painting the Knight Paladin I was all enthused about the burgeoning Adeptus Mechanicus army that's been lurking on my shelves for years. Using the codex from the Tempus Fugitives website I figured the old Skullz-era models would work well for a Tech Magos Cabal, and I started work on the faces, armor and robes:

I still need to do the metallics, power cables and the yellow/black hazard stripes on them, but they're approaching completion. These have always been hands down my favorite tech priest models, and over the years I've gone through three sets of them. Once I get these five done I'll take a picture of the whole set (several of which have been painted for years).

Next up is the other HQ choice - the Archmagos Veneratus. As described in the codex: "One of the original Tech Priests who codified the Mysteries and Warnings of the Cult Mechanicus over ten millenia ago. As age and technological enhancement stripped them of their humanity, so they became more detached from the day-to-day affairs of the Mechanicus and spent longer periods of time in solitude musing on the destiny of humanity. Occasionally, an Archmagos Veneratus will arrive without warning to take command of a Skitarii Legio. They are answerable to no one, not even the Fabricator General. Their word is Lore and their reasons for involving themselves are unfathomable, much like the exotic battlesuits they pilot into battle."

The model was based on the work of a friend of mine who sent me a box full of Ad-Mech goodies. I ended up rendering it down for parts, but kept to the spirit of the original build - a half-machine torso attached to a massive four-legged walker and armed with a mix of archeotech weaponry. In this case, a Conversion Beamer and a Multi-Melta.

I took advantage of a warm day to primer it and started thinking about how I wanted to paint it - though I only got the basest touch of paint on it before I had to do something else.

Definitely a fun model to build, the Ad-Mech are second only to the Orks in conversion potential, which is one of the main things that draws my interest in the army. Many a bits box delve goes into making the models, that's for sure!

It appears that I have a relatively free weekend coming up, so I hope to be able to finish these off in the next few days. A little short of the deadline, but when push comes to shove, Real Life(tm) must take precedence over the hobby (much as I'd wish otherwise at times)...


  1. Wow - nice to see those Skullz models!

  2. Coming along very nicely! The detail on the Archmagos looks intimidating. Can't wait to see it painted up!