Sunday, November 29, 2009

TOEMP #7 - All Hail The Omnissiah! Part 3 (finally complete!)

Better late than never, as they say - With the extended Thanksgiving holiday I had time to finish off the models I had on deck for the 7th Tale of Even More Painter's challenge. I just wasn't happy with the initial paint scheme I'd chosen for the Archmagos Veneratus, and ended up re-primering it and starting anew.

Overall it turned out more or less like what I had envisioned - This model is by far the most heavily-converted thing I've made, and I was worried that it was going to end up just looking like a pile of random bits based on what it looked like before I primered it. I did notice while painting it however that somewhere along the assembly stage I managed to get one of the banner poles facing the wrong way - I ended up just trying to make do as best I could in the painting stage, as trying to remove the banner pole and reposition it would undoubtedly result in the complete destruction of the model... Doh.

Part of the previous challenge was to finish up a piece of terrain as well (lord knows I have enough unpainted terrain lurking in the Closet of Doom), so I dragged out the Shrine of the Aquila, assembled it and gave it a dash of paint.

I went with a concrete grey scheme but it ended up looking pretty bland, so to spice it up a bit I ran off a couple banners on the ol' color printer, distressed them a bit and made a set of mounting brackets. The splash of red and white definitely makes the piece pop a bit more than it did before. Only a half dozen more buildings to go... Ugh.

Last but not least my FLGS let me know they got in a Fortress of Redemption, and as I don't have nearly enough terrain (hah!) I figured what the heck. It's really quite huge once it's all assembled, so I built it to come apart into two sections for storage. The two sections fit together quite snugly on the tabletop, so I don't foresee much of an issue during gameplay. I'm still pondering how I want to paint it however... With big wide brushes regardless of color, I suppose!


  1. The conversion looks great! Plenty of Sentinel legs laying about?

    Also, the Shrine looks good. I assembled mine in the same fashion yesterday and am thinking of doing the windows like stained glass as the facade is rather imposing without something to break it up a bit more. I like your solution.

  2. Fantastic work my friend! I really like the Archmagos, that is seriously one of the coolest conversions I have seen. I'm enjoying seeing the details you paint on to these guys as it really brings out the feel of the 40k Universe, in this case the flames and I always think blue and red contrast so nicely. The shrine's banners look really cool and fit really nicely with the scehem. As for the Fortress, I can honestly say I have never been impressed with someone's scenery collection! Your games must be full of fun and character

  3. Thanks folks!

    tQstudios: Indeed, I'd picked up a couple of the new sentinels for bits for another project and had several pairs of legs just begging to be used on something. The new style with the separate thigh, knee and shin pieces definitely worked well.

    Unforgivenangels: I'm a huge fan of scenery, and my opponents usually give me grief about how much I use when setting up the tables for games of 40k. It goes back to my love for Necromunda I suppose, where the rule of thumb is "some is good, more is better and too much is just right". Hah!