Thursday, November 12, 2009

TOEMP #7 - All Hail The Omnissiah! Part 2

I managed to finish off the Tech Magos Cabal over the weekend, but haven't made much forward progress on the Archmagos Veneratus - I'm not entirely sure I like where the paint scheme is going on it and may start over. However, I'm fairly pleased with how these five turned out:

On the other hand, after painting up three sets of these over the years, I just now figured out that what I took to be an odd little aspergils in the right hand of the Magos Prime is actually supposed to be connected to the little port on the back of his cherub. Of course, I didn't come to this realization until after I'd finished painting them. Argh.

I've had the Magos Biologis and the two servitors that are part of the set painted for several years, so it's nice to finally have the whole set painted up and ready to use!

It looks to be a relatively quiet weekend coming up, so I'm hoping I can get some brush time and finish off the Archmagos Veneratus. After that I really need to get back to painting the guard...

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  1. Very plaisant paint job, I like the old school colored army (like in early 90')