Sunday, December 6, 2009

TOEMP #8 Complete - Forces of the Imperial Navy

I managed to finish off the second Heavy Support choice for the 8th Tale of Even More Painters challenge - An Imperial Navy Vulture. As soon as Forge World released the model with the twin Punisher Cannon upgrades, I knew I had to have one. Taking the lessons learned in assembling the first Valkyrie served to make this model go together rather smoothly.

I went with the khaki/bone/slate grey color scheme that I'd used for the previous Naval flyers, though I decided to pick out a slightly different set of panels for the bone color than I did with the Valkyrie to make them a bit more individualized. I still need to add the transfers to both of them, but as the weather is so cold at the moment I can't seal this model and as such the decals will have to wait.


I pulled out the other models to get a group shot and realized I still have yet to finish the base for the Thunderbolt fighter. There's still one more flyer in the queue - a Vendetta, to round out the various Naval options. Time to get cracking on that, I suppose!


  1. Excellent, I'm very envious. I really must paint my valk.

  2. I love these models mate! Even more I love the paint job, particularly how well contrasting the colour scheme is. Bone and khaki always looks nice and uniform, and especially gives a military feel. Kind of makes me want to field Imperial Guard now... temptation is a horrid thing! Nice work mate, great to see you got these guys done!

  3. Nice job. I'm not a fan of your bases, but everything else is excellent : especially the blue thing that contrast with the bone/khaki main colors. Well done. Oh and about the bases : I've not made anything on mine : I should make it before saying I don t like yours ))

  4. Thanks folks! I wanted them to stand out thematically from the guard, but I didn't want to go with anything too bright. The scheme is based on a color plate out of one of the IA books, it definitely 'grabbed' me when I was perusing the books looking for ideas.

    Gregory - I agree that the bases aren't very exciting. For the most part they match the feel of the terrain that I use, but I think they're a little too sparse or something. In retrospect I missed an opportunity to make a fun little vignette on the large base. Ah well, these models always draw so much fire that they're usually removed from play in the first or second turn anyway! :)

  5. Great job on the new flier! The colors look great, and I like the engine detailing.

    I do agree a bit with Gregory on the bases, it seems like you just added some random bits and some sand, with the bigger bases you need to do something to bring all the pieces together, like add some more rubble to the base. By keeping a consistent color scheme you can keep the bases tied to your great scenery, but unlike the scenery,your bases don't need a lot of empty space.

    Looking forward to more!