Sunday, April 18, 2010

1st & 2nd Platoon HQ - Complete!

At last, the platoon command squads for 1st and 2nd platoon are complete! These two squads have been in a half-painted state for the better part of a year, and it was high time to finish them off!

Both command squads are kitted out similarly, adhering as closely as I could to the 'original' Mordian 7th list. In the old 1st edition lists, the command squad consisted of 2 guardsmen toting Lascannons in lieu of the Voxcaster (as it hadn't been brought in to common service at that point), but a melta gun will have to suffice these days.

Last but not least, I also managed to polish off the Lascannon heavy weapon squad, which I painted such to allow them to be interchangeable with the heavy weapons in 1st platoon. Technically speaking I need to replace 4th squad's Autocannon with a Lascannon to match the original force organization.

The painting chart continues to turn green which is heartening - definitely in the home stretch now!


  1. Great job Mordian. The army is really coming together. Is that an old metal medic or conversions? Way to use that terrain on the lascannons for their stands, I did the same to stretch my heavy weapon boxes out.

  2. The command squads look great. I like the little diorama-like heavy weapon bases. Very nice work here.

  3. @D'nyarak - Thanks! That's the metal medic that came with the old metal command squad, if memory serves.

    @The other Kevin - Thanks! I enjoy doing the little vignettes, and though it does make them stand out more on the table top it's also fun joking with my opponents "of course they have cover, it's modeled right on the base!" Kidding of course... :)

  4. Agree with Kevin- the dioramas on the HWS is great. Just a few more now!

  5. The command groups look great, as do the HW teams. I always laugh at the lascannons, it doesn't seem possible that even 2 of those guys could carry that damn thing around...LOL.

    Oh well, that's GW's suspension of disbelief, right?


  6. Thanks folks!

    @Col. Hessler - Indeed, the 'man portable' lascannons have gotten a bit ridiculous. Heck, in ages past they were shoulder carried and fired by just one man. I guess the tech level is slipping backwards over time!

  7. Sweet! How did I miss this? Well done!