Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Old Crow Civilian Vehicles - Complete!

Not a lot of painting time recently, however I have finished off the Old Crow models that I'd picked up a while back:

And a couple shots for scale alongside a Chimera - the models are definitely 'civilian scale' when compared to the various fighting vehicles of the 41st Millenium, so they will likely only be used as terrain or special scenarios in 40k (like a genestealer cult uprising..) although they will also be useful for Necromunda!

All in all I really enjoyed painting these models and they make a nice addition to the look of the game! I'll definitely be ordering from them again.


  1. I dig the Old Crow stuff.... I just wish he was making models that would work for 40K... if he did, my ENTIRE guard army would be using them...

    Here's where I'm using some Old Crow models as "counts as"

  2. Very nice Mord! I have been eying Old Crow Minis for many years now, but wasn't sure how they would work with 40k. Now I definitely see some uses for Dark Heresy and Necromunda!! Great job!

  3. Thanks folks! I was initially somewhat saddened by their apparent size, but as the models I'd chosen were decidedly civilian in look I think they'll work just fine.

    @clt40k - nice! It appears the more military Old Crow models are a bit larger than the ones I'd picked up, I'll definitely have to give those a try. Good call on the alternate Tauros!

    @Zorcon - Thanks! My only complaint about the transaction was a longer-than-expected wait for processing and shipping, but the models themselves were beautifully cast and free of flash and plugs. Literally washed, assembled and primered 'em - no sanding or dremel work required! They're going to get plenty of use in my RT campaign as well as Necromunda, that's for certain.

  4. Good stuff!

    Reminds me of the GW road wars game that they ha in the early 90s, whose name escapes me now!

  5. Thanks Drax! 'Dark Future', it was, how I wish I'd kept that game. Granted the scale was a bit smaller than 40k, but they would have been great cars for terrain and necromunda nonetheless!

  6. awesome job.
    Makes me want to pick a few up for some flavorful cover.

  7. They look great! i've been considering getting a couple of those buggys to convert into recon 4x4's are they hollow cast or solid? Could you drill out the drivers windows?

  8. Old Crow stuff is very nice. Their military stuff is 40K sized.

  9. Thanks folks!

    @Blitzspear - they are solid cast, though the two larger trucks came as top and bottom halves that needed to be glued together. The resin feels fairly light, so they may be relatively easy to carve into, though I didn't try personally. The cost of the models means that they would be relatively inexpensive to experiment with!

    @ John Lambshead - I was really impressed with the casting quality of the models, I'm definitely going to pick up some more of their military vehicles for future projects!

  10. I've always wondered about Old Crow models and it's neat to see them painted and "Scaled." I love the idea of civilian vehicles as terrain or objectives.

    Looking forward to seeing a battle report with them in use!

  11. Nice! Those things might be just the thing to dress up a Dark Heresy game. I wish the Old Crow fliers were snazzier, though. My eye has been roving for Storm Raven bitz....