Thursday, April 29, 2010

We's da biggest an' da strongest! Redux, part 1

Not a whole lot of hobby time recently, as the new incarnation of the band I'm in had our first gig and we spent a lot of time polishing up the tunes over the last week. However, I did manage to get a little paint on the first unit in the new Ork army: Nazbog's Bad Moon Nobs:

One of my goals with this army is to try out some new units, and build some new kits. When I build the last Ork army the new Nobs kit wasn't yet available, so I went with the ever-popular Fantasy Black Orc route. This time around however I wanted to take a whack at the new Nobs kit and overall I had a blast building the models. The Big Choppas are awesome, and the Power Klaws had a lot of variation. Plenty of head variants and trophies meant that even though I combined bits from two boxes, each nob turned out rather different from the rest, which I really liked.

Still a bit of work to do on the models of course - all the leather, wood and gold, plus all the requisite black flames and scowling moons. The Waaagh Banna is from the Ogre Bulls kit if memory serves, otherwise the unit is pretty much straight out of the box. In the pics there are two more Nobs than are strictly allowed by the FOC - Two of the Nobs are going to be set aside for those times when I feel like breaking the planned 30-strong shoota boyz bigmob into 3 10-strong units.

I have to say that I absolutely love building Orks. Each model has so much character - the new sculpts are absolutely awesome, and I love all the extra bits GW include. While I feel the new Cadian and Catachan command sprues are awesome in that regard, the recent re-cut guard vehicles have been a letdown for me.

So far I've enjoyed painting this unit, but later when I'm contemplating assembly-line painting 40-some-odd boyz I'll probably change my tune... Heh.

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