Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Da Sunz and Da Moonz...

Ron's recent collaborative post got me thinking about army composition and theme, and though I didn't have the means to participate at the time (cursed scrapcode!) I thought I'd share "Da Kunnin' Plan" along with some pics of the other recently-accomplished lads!

When I was planning the army, I knew I wanted a strong visual theme. My last foray into the Orks was almost exclusively Bad Moons, and while it turned out quite striking, I also remember suffering from Green-And-Yellow fatigue pretty quickly. To that end I settled on a 'two army' approach; One group led by a Bad Moon Bigmek and his Dreadmob, the Nobs and a Shoota Boys Bigmob (after all, the Bad Moons have more Teef and are more likely to own their own Shoota). The other group would be led by an Evil Sunz warboss, and his packs of Nob Bikers, Warbikers, and Trukk Boyz, and would allow me to switch back and forth between the red and yellow palettes and hopefully stave off the dreaded Army Painter's Fatigue, 

After I painted the Nobs, I thought I'd take a crack at the Evil Sunz Trukkmob - it would allow me to test the paint scheme on a couple boyz before committing to a particular method for the Warboss and all the bikers (that, and it's always good to get Troops choices painted). In doing so I found that the flame motif also serves to tie the two forces together artistically - an unintended but pleasant realization! Painting flames is a bit of a struggle for me, but I'm pleased with how they turned out more or less.

While I was at it I finished off Stompy Da Deff Dread. In looking at it now, I think I need to go back in and add some more flames and/or checkerboard patterns to the front of the main hull. Overall though, I have to say I LOVED assembling and painting this model. ...I should have waited to attach the arms until AFTER I painted it, but love it nonetheless!

While the army will be predominately Bad Moons and Evil Sunz, there are a couple other clans that will be represented in the army as well. The Kommandos and Stormboyz will be from the Blood Axe clan, and will give me a chance to try out some excellent camouflage tips from some of my favorite blogs. Similarly, the Lootas mob will be a bunch of thievin'gits from the Deathskullz and let me add a little bit of blue to the army as well. With the exception of the Big Mek Stompa, all of the army has been purchased and is in various stages of assembly and painting. I'm trying to avoid putting everything together until I get a few more units painted though, as I find looking at a massive pile of unpainted models is rather demoralizing!

However, Mork and Gork will have to wait, as I'm feeling the twinges of Guard Guilt again, so it's back to the Mordian 7th for a turn! I'm thinking it's time the Thudd Gun got some paint...


  1. Very impressive work here. I especially like the way you painted the flames. All in all, a very smart looking force.


  2. Thanks Hessler! I'm getting the hang of the flames, at the very least I'll have plenty of opportunity to practice while painting up the rest of the Orks!