Monday, May 10, 2010

We's da biggest, an' da strongest! Redux, Part 2 - Complete!

My main cogitator's machine spirit recently suffered from a bout of scrapcode and required many hours of devotions and prayers to the Machine God before it was deemed pure of spirit and functional once more. In the mean time (what with my main entertainment/distraction device on the fritz) I managed to get a fair bit of painting done!

I built the Bad Moon Nobz Mob in two parts - five Nobz with Big Choppas (one of which carries the Waaagh Banna)...

...And five Nobz with Power Klaws. The intent is that I'll be able to mix and match for points and perceived threat, as well as allowing me the option of breaking up the Shoota Boyz bigmob up into smaller units.

Finally, the requisite Painboy. My vision for the army is for the Bad Moons contingent to be very Mek oriented and include a number of walkers. As such there really needs to be a painboy or two to "see to da ladz wot have wires stuck in their 'eads."

In finishing these models I've also come to terms with the fact that I'm going to need to re-base my entire Mordian 7th in a similar scheme to what's shown here. The thought of the 100+ bases that are going to need to be done makes me cringe, but I think the effort will be worth it...


  1. These Orks look great! I've always loved the Bad Moonz and you do them justice with the indulgent yellow paint jobs.

    Basework is splendid. I cringed when you mentioned redoing bases, but I totally understand. I don't know that I could stomach redoing models when I have so many to do, but it's something that would bother me as well!

  2. I really do like that yellow! Can you give a point out to the how-to?

  3. Thanks folks!

    @Cawshis Clay - I've always felt the bases on my guard were a little boring, and was considering adding some snow to them, but I didn't like how the test models turned out. I think the mud and grass will make them 'pop' from the bases. It's just going to be mind-numbingly boring to do. :P

    @The other Kevin - Yellow was always a problem for me, it's just so translucent that it doesn't work straight over the black basecoat that I use. I've tried a couple different methods over the years, but have settled on painting the parts that I intend to be yellow with a coat of Blazing Orange first as it has better coverage over the black undercoat (sometimes it takes two coats for good coverage). Once that's dry I sort of stipple/drybrush those areas with Golden Yellow, leaving a bit of orange to show through in the crevices, around rivets and such. It ends up looking a little slapdash at times, but I think it works for the Orks! The translucency of the yellow lets some of the orange show through, and it seems to give it a nice rich yellow that painting direct over the black undercoat lacks. Pretty simple, but I hope that helps!

  4. Really impressive work - those minis will really stand out on the tabletop. It's great to see Bad Moons done so well.

  5. I usually hate working with yellow too but man, you really made those orks shine. Nice work.

  6. @Bedelaire - Thanks! Since my last name is Moon, I'm more or less obligated to include the Bad Moons in any Ork force I do. Heh.

    @#2501 - I don't know that this method would work well for models that require a 'cleaner' yellow (like Imperial Fists and such), but I find it provides a nice warm yellow that sets off their green skin nicely, and ends up looking a little battered as I envision Ork equipment should be. :)