Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hobby Retrospective - Necrons

So I haven't had much hobby time as of late, so it's time for another retrospective - today, the Necrons, or "Good lord man, wasn't this blog supposed to be about the Guard or something?". The recent grumblings across the 40k blogosphere whisper tales of an incipient Necrons re-work, which doesn't bode well for my wallet. While I have dabbled in the model range over the years, I've never actually fielded Necrons as a 40k army, I really liked their back story and have woven them into my last Dark Heresy campaign and as such painted up a few models for use with the RPG.

The original sculpts for the Necron models hearken all the way back to the Space Crusade days (the design being a 'chaos android' at the time). The next incarnation of the Necrons was in metal and rather disappointing, and honestly I was never really thrilled with many of the current-era metal models either (the Immortals and Flayed Ones were a PITA to assemble, and the tomb spyder left me cold). I have high hopes about the next wave based on the frankly excellent plastics GW has been releasing these days. As I was pressed for time (aka painting them the morning of the game), these Necrons were given the bog-standard metal-and-green scheme. If I attempt to do a Necron army nowadays, I think I'd try a sandstone and blue scheme instead.

Alas, this Necron Lord and his small force of Warriors and Scarabs has sat idle in the figure cabinet since that day. There may come a time when the Servants of the Star Gods will not be so quiescent...


  1. I'm quite a fan of the current plastic warriors although I think the Immortals do need a bit of an update. The Wraiths are also nice models. Lookig forward to seeing how much more detail they can pack into the side panels of the Monolith with todays technology

  2. I'd like to see some painted up blue and sandstone, I'm having trouble picturing it in my head. The metal and green do seem to work though.

  3. I really think that the standard Necron scheme is pretty cool to begin with. But yeah I can't wait for the new releases. I have about 2000pts of Necrons unbuilt just waiting for paint. But I wanted to wait until the new codex came out before I start them up again.

  4. @Rogue Pom - I agree; There are models in the range that I love (the plastics are quite nice) but the current range as a whole just wasn't quite enough to push me into doing a full-blown army. I'm looking forward to the next release though!

    @The Inner Geek - what I'm thinking is a sandstone/bone color on the main body, with deep blue or lapis lazuli panels and gold trim/details. Essentially a scheme reminiscent of the Fantasy Tomb Kings.

    @LuckyNo.5 - I think the metal and green is awesomely iconic for the Necrons, but I'm a contrarian. :)

  5. The Tomb Kings paint scheme sounds like a great idea. I remember seeing a flying Lord done up that way.

    Fielding the Necrons is kinda fun (Swarms of Scarabs and big wings of Destroyers are exceptionally good at glancing things to death) although if someone manages to get you to phase out... eeeeh. I like them, but I'd rather play an army that doesn't have a You Win, I Lose button built in.

  6. I saw someone re-pose the warriors so they stood upright and they looked amazing! Rather than the 'I'm squatting in the bushes' pose that they currently have going.

    I wish I could remember where I saw them now.