Thursday, April 7, 2011

More messing about with Heresy-Era models

Still plugging away at the Hypaspists, but in between batches of color I took a little time to do some building and some cleanup on an existing model.

First up I went back and repainted the base for good ol' Sanguinius. I wasn't happy with the sandstone base I'd originally done, so I went back through and attempted a greenish marbled look. Better, but not perfect - I like the overall effect, but I think I was a little heavy handed with the white marbling. Practice makes perfect I suppose! Of course, as I'll never actually use this model, it's gone up on eBay.

With the release of the new Grey Knight plastics, I rummaged around in the Closet of Doom and pulled out the 5 Custodes Terminator bodies I'd picked up years and years ago. I decided that I'd kit them out as counts-as Paladins and armed them accordingly. While the Incinerator may not be the 'best' weapon upgrade available, it is the one that shows up in the artwork and therefore is the one I went with. Style before Purpose, I say!

In addition, I reclaimed an old, old Mk. IIb Land Raider for use as the Custodes Terminator Transport. It was very dusty so I gave it a bit of a wash and brush down, though it still looks fairly dirty. Another bath may be in order...


  1. Hey, love the land raider conversion. I managed to figure out where you got the front armour panels from, but how did you convert the side doors?

  2. Thanks! The side panels and the top door on the front were all from Forge World, though looking through the site it appears they don't make/sell that door set anymore (this particular tank was built about seven years ago).