Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Sabre Complete, and Falchion started!

Greetings and salutations everyone - hope that the holidays have been treating you well! I'd like to start of today with a link to my friend's Blood Angel blog Ex Fide Vivo - after a long hiatus he's finally began painting again, and is jumping back in with a vengeance. Definitely worth a look if you're a fan of the Sons of Sanguinius!

I've had a few days off from work which has been spent painting. Lots of Datk Eldar and Thousand Sons in the queue of late, today's post is all about the big guns for the Thousand Sons. I'd picked up a resin upgrade kit for a Sabre Tank Hunter a while back and finally managed to get it finished up:

It's been too cold out to seal anything of late, so I may still go back in and add a few more details here and there as time allows. Moving on however, I thought I'd share the initial pictures of its big brother, the Falchion-class superheavy tank "The Eye of Magnus" that I've commissioned from the amazing Tom McBride aka Machinator (who is the designer behind most of the Rhino variants that I'm using for the army)...

The Falchion is the Heresy Era marine equivalent of the Shadowsword - obviously these are pictures in the very early stages of construction, but I have to say I'm giddy as a schoolboy to see it come together!

I'm really excited to see how it turns out, and very eager to get my hands on it once it's done to get it painted. I'll be sharing more pics as it progresses - More shots of the various Superheavy variants that Machinator has created over the years may be found at the Apocalypse 40k forums here. Definitely worth checking out!


  1. Love that vindicator.

    I'm excited to see more progress on the Falchion.

  2. Its all looking very nice!!!

    Also, do I detect some tweaks with the blog layout / format??

    Like a woman whos just returned from teh hairdresser... I can tell something is different... but don't ask me to be more specific!?!?

  3. Thanks folks!

    @LuckyNo.5 - Me too, I'm really excited to get my hands on it and get to painting it!

    @Oink - I've been messing about with column widths, fonts and such, but attempting to keep everything sparse and clean. I think it's working well now...

  4. Machinator's tank kits are incredible! Nice job on that Sabre. Love the glowing power cables.

  5. oh, some tsons to compete with...adepticon?

  6. Thanks folks!

    @#2501 - indeed, I'm well pleased with the work he does, and his upgrade kits are top notch!

    @CVinton - Much as I'd like to go to Adepticon, all of my travel funds are funneling towards a trip to England to participate in the Tempus Fugitives Age of the Emperor event in March. Hopefully next time though!