Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - 2000 Points complete!

Victory! The 2000 point army that's going with me to England has finally been completed! My good friend Dave made a carrying tray for me that fits perfectly into the travel case, and the army just baaaaarely fits on it.

I did spend some time going back through the infantry and painting all the shoulder pads with the appropriate symbols. That was tedious in the extreme, but the end result definitely makes the models look better.

30 some-odd little itty bitty nova bursts and arrows on the tactical marine squads. Oof.

The Jetbikes received the same treatment, though they got the crossed arrows of the Assault squads as opposed to the Tactical arrow.

I also added a bit to Ahriman, a nova symbol on his left shoulder pad and the cape, and the old-school "M" symbol the Thousand Sons used to use prior to their reunion with their Primarch.

While I was about it I pulled out the rest of the Thousand Sons that aren't making the trip. I was quite pleased to not that there's not really all that much more to paint!

I updated the painting chart accordingly, not too shabby! I'll admit I was a bit surprised to see the army total creeping north of 4500 points. Wasn't this supposed to be a little boutique army project? Heh.


  1. Great work! Loving the bikes and the bases. When are you headed to England? Be warned, it's a bit chilly on this side of the pond right now so pack a sweater or 3.

  2. Very nice looking 2000pts there!

    Isn't always the way that these 'little' projects have a way of growing themselves into bigger ones.

  3. What a wonderful army.
    It is true... adding those little details in the form of freehand designs, purity seals or whatever it may be, while tedious, make all the difference in the end.

    Ron, FTW

  4. I really like the whole army, It's so satisfying to see something like this all finished and looking so good.

  5. Well done! they look fantastic and the attention to detail is great!

    There's a degree of satisfaction being able to turn those painting chart blocks over to green! Just a little more to go... Don't let the lack of an impending deadline slow you down!

  6. Agree with the previous guys - these guys certainly look the business.

    The minor bits swaps and conversion work, cohesive paint scheme and 'little details' really bring the whole force to life.

    My favourite model is still the Whirlwind - such character from such a static model.

    Great work mate.

  7. Holy crap, that's awesome. Break out the champagne!

  8. Thanks very much, everyone!

    @The Unrealistic Artist - I'm heading over to attend the Tempus Fugitives Age of the Emperor event at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield over the first weekend in March. I live in Colorado though, so a little chill in the air won't faze me. :)

    @Hendrid - Never fails! "Just one more unit, maybe another tank..."

    @Ron - You're absolutely right, I'm not entirely happy with my ability to freehand the nova symbols, but at arms length they're serviceable. I think trying to do custom waterslide transfers would end up looking better, but would likely have been an even greater hassle.

    @Chris/LuckyNo.5 - Indeed, not much further and the whole 4500 will be finished as well!

    @Oink/Rogue Pom - I appreciate it! There was a lot of planning that went in to it, as far as gathering bits and making sure the aesthetic worked across all the models. Quite a difference from my usual "Just get stuck in" methodologies of the past, but the extra time spent was worth it in the end.

  9. They've all come together really well! Hope you have a good time in Blighty, and a better flight than I did at Christmas!

  10. Splendid! Bon Voyage, my friend, and I hope you have fun when you get here.

    Sink a pint of decent cider for me, if you can find one up north (and kill anyone who threatens to put ice in it!)

  11. Thanks folks!

    @Sir Tainly - I'm really looking forward to the trip! Going to do some sightseeing, and play a mess of 40k, what's not to love?

    @Admiral Drax - Indeed! I'm a cider fan, and usually have at least a six pack of Strongbow at the ready. Ice? That's a pistols at dawn sort of offense! Hah!