Friday, June 21, 2013

Heresy Era - Davinite Priest

My buddy Dave came back from Origins recently and was kind enough to grab one of the Event-only Davinite Priests for me - finally got it washed and dried and snapped a quick pic of it:

I plan on doing another Thousand Sons army once FW rolls around to it, with an eye towards a late-heresy theme set during The Scouring. Just prior to the Rubric of Ahriman, while the legion is succumbing to their final doomed stages of madness and mutation - This guy will be there helping along the process! From a painting standpoint I'm planning on doing a somewhat varied paint scheme with some units solely in the old crimson and bone, and other units beginning to or completely bear the new blue and yellow livery of the current era. We'll see how that goes!

Dave also snapped a bunch of pics at the con while he was out at Origins, definitely worth a look!

In other news, several of my ebay auctions are ending tonight and tomorrow, and there will be a couple new ones going up - a big ol' box of Dark Eldar bits (including several full on the sprue units and vehicles) and a similarly large box of Ork bits (as well as a fair sized assembled-but-not-painted ork army)...


  1. Jealous, but excited to hear they are "event exclusive", not just "Horus Heresy event exclusive".

  2. Nice, that's an interesting figure, I'm a bit jealous! :)

  3. Heh, I rarely get a chance to get a hold of these kinds of event models - GW hasn't bothered to come to GenCon for a number of years now (which just boggles the mind).

    I'll get some shots of the built mini up soon!

  4. Interesting and rather nice sculpt.

    Can't wait to see more Thousand Sons, easily my favourite Legion of the Heresy era.

  5. My fav of the recent event only sculpts.

    Looking forward to seeing what this Horus manipulator will look like after your brush has had it's wicked way with it.