Monday, June 17, 2013

Eldar - Wave Serpents and Falcon painting in progress

I'm trying to take a lot more pictures in progress with the Eldar, and get some more consistent albeit smaller posts for the blog. A bit more brush time on the transports this afternoon - brought the bone back up a tone from where they left off in the last post, and took a whack at getting the yellow started:

I decided that the yellow would be different on each vehicle, going with the chevrons on one, alternating panels on another and some big curves on the third. At the moment, they're just picked out in the initial hot orange, which will be followed by a fiery orange then golden yellow once it cools down in the hobby loft a bit.

Snapped a couple semi-side shots to get a better feel of what's going on with the chevrons and curves. I'm pretty happy with the 'individual but still stylistically similar' vibe. Not sure how I want to do the cockpits just yet, I'm considering having another go at the 'reflected horizon' effect that I'd attempted on the Nephilim, though perhaps a green tinted gemmed look could be interesting as well. Thoughts?

More to come soon!


  1. Ooooh, pretty! You've done better than I even imagined in my head with those chevrons. Masking tape, or steady hand?

  2. First thought: Damn you. They looks so nice that i want to pick up some Eldar. Damn you.
    Second Thought: Maybe a gold like a polarized lens would be nice on these guys? You could paint them black and then you selective glazes of various golds and then a few washes of other colors in places to make them look like a polarized lens...ref link (scroll down to jet)

  3. @Colonel Scipio: Thanks mate! I started off with soft pencil lines on the chevrons and curves. Tried the masking method initially, but didn't have much luck. Once the yellow goes on, I'll likely go back and hit the transition from yellow to blue and the various crevices between armor plates with a thin blacklining.

    @Zab: I appreciate the compliment! Awesome thought on the gold polarized lens look - that could really be cool! I'm going to give it a go on one tonight and see how it turns out.

    Cheers guys!

  4. I never can think of cool hull designs on my vehicles and you do three!

    Great progress so far.

  5. The color scheme is very striking. Nicely done, Mord!

  6. @Green Stuff Industries: Thanks! They're starting to come together nicely.

  7. I'm diggin on your dappling. The extra effort is totally worth it and will make the whole army look really nice.

  8. @ScottShoemaker: Thanks! I'm really happy with how it turned out, and totally surprised at how simple it was to get the effect. Definitely going to be experimenting more with the sponge technique in the future!