Thursday, January 23, 2014

Going down to Memphis, part 1 - The Tables

Back from Memphis, where we were nominally going to run the Heresy Weekender at the Battle Bunker this past weekend. Sadly, we had absolutely everyone bail at the last minute, which meant the event didn't happen. Not really thrilled about that, but what can ya do? I decided that I wouldn't let that ruin my weekend, and my buddy Dave and I got in a couple games (and took a boatload of pictures) nonetheless!

The battle bunker is a really cool store, and James and Co. were all great chaps. Having gone to Warhammer World in Nottingham, I can say that the Battle Bunker carries the same vibe and attention to detail and history. Of course, they don't have a Bugman's so there's one big mark in favor of WW, but that's a state/zoning issue rather than a deliberate omission on the part of the guys in Memphis.

I took a ton of pictures, so rather than doing one massive picture dump I figured I'll break it up into more manageable chunks. Today, the tables! Inside, the bunker has the same sort of wall facings and hangings that give it a great feel, and there were a dozen beautiful gaming tables which I absolutely loved. Buckle up for a whole wodge of pics!

There were a couple tables I thought warranted a series of pics for future inspiration for my own tables, first up the imperial sector:

And a gorgeous fantasy table:

Another fantasy table/display table:

There were a ton of cool scatter terrain, I was particularly impressed with these four floating islands each dedicated to one of the four ruinous powers:

I quite liked this floating pool:

And one serious cool but improbably difficult to store piece like this:

Next up are some pics from the display cabinets - some very, very cool stuff to be seen!


  1. Smashing pics! haven't seen BattleBunker before and it looks pretty cool indeed.

    Which tables did you get to play on out of these?

    Looked pretty empty? You visit on a weekday?

  2. The tables are awesome, some really interesting ideas there. Even something as simple as the white trees on the red planet, I want some for when I finally get my red planet sorted, now I know they'll work.

    The subterranean diorama is also cool as are the various fanatasy tables with multi-level areas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @Dai: We ended up playing on the lava table and the tank graveyard, pics to come! These pics were taken right as the store opened, but as the day progressed it filled up pretty quickly.

    @Dave Weston: Indeed - I'm looking forward to incorporating some of the ideas into my own terrain!

    @The GunGrave: Pretty much our first reaction too! :)

  4. Some nice tables to be sure. I love the floating obelisk terrain pieces.

  5. Take it you mean WW Nottingham England? If you're going again I'd love to fight that Iron Hands list!

  6. @#2501: Totally! Made me want to do something similar (not that I need more terrain, of course)!

    @Carlos Chamberlain: Indeed, we made the trip over to Nottingham a couple years back and I really look forward to going again sometime! The battle bunker is the next best thing on the US side, but no Bugmans means it's a pale imitation. Hah!

  7. Living 4 hours drive means I've been 5 times now, guess I should feel blessed by the emperor himself!