Friday, January 24, 2014

Going down to Memphis, Part 2 - The Cabinets

Brace yourself for another picture dump! This time around it's the pics of the display cabinets which were chock full of some great armies:

In broad categories, there were Imperials:

A beautiful Eldar army (I had no idea the FW Phantom was that big!):

And their dark kin:

This just blew me away, I had a chance to chat with the guy that built it, and it was part of a campaign they'd run, with this being his take on what would happen if the dark eldar got a hold of a Phantom.

There were some cool conversions in this dark eldar army as well:

A few Necrons:

And a slew of Orks:

As well as some fun fantasy armies:

The bug eyes on these guys just crack me up:

Next up is a trip down memory lane with their 'historical' cabinets!

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