Sunday, January 5, 2014

Heresy Era Iron Hands - Veterans Painted, and something unexpected...

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year! It's been rather busy on the Real Life(tm) front, back to long hours at work for quarter end and year end fun. Woo. That doesn't mean there's been no hobby time, though - for as of the post, everything that was purchased and planned for the Iron Hands has now been painted! The last unit that was waiting in the wings was the Veteran squad:

They're designed to take advantage of the Tank Hunters upgrade, and are armed with a trio of melta weapons and a thunder hammer to help pick off those pesky vehicles. As befitting their veteran state, they all use the Iron Hands legionaries models which are chock full of cog tooth icons and bionics!

With those out of the way, I really wanted to just paint something for fun, and my eye fell on a trio of minis I'd purchased from Victoria Lamb miniatures which have been waiting to spring forth and shout... Well, you know. Heh. I need to go back in and clean up the faces a bit it seems. Amazing how taking pics shows up all the little screw-ups, eh?

Next up are some really colorful minis to counteract the months of black and iron we've been slogging through!


  1. Very nice vets! I also like the clergy there below. Macro photography is evil and adds mistakes and blemishes when you are not looking

  2. Great work finishing the veterans! I love their Mk III Iron armour.

    Enjoy playing games with the army; you certainly deserve it!

    Those Spanish Inquisition models from Victoria Miniatures look really nice too. The deep reds look great. Any plans for the models in game terms?

  3. Nice to see those Spanish inquisition models painted, I won some in a contest a while back but gave them to my dad.

  4. Great work as always Mordian - love the Vets - the Iron Hands Mk3 kits are brilliant and with not much work would add something to any Legion army.

    Vic's stuff is equally awesome. Being South Australian based means I've seen plenty of her miniatures in the flesh when she used to bring them to the now closed local GW - she has some gorgeous pieces in her collection and her new Vics Minis venture has some cracking stuff on offer.

    Great work all round mate.

  5. To echo everyone else - Great stuff!
    I couldn't help but go staght to you tube and watch some Monty Python!
    "Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency and nice red uniforms—oh damn!"

  6. Lovely paintjobs as ever, a joy to look at.

    "No-one expects the Imperial Inquisition!

    Our special rules are Furious Assault - Furious Assault, Stubborn - two! Two special rules! Furious Assault, Stubborn, and Eternal Warrior. Three! Three, Furious Assault - I'll Deep Strike in again."

  7. @Zab: Thanks man! That's the truth for sure on macro photography. I always wince to see what it does to my minis!

    @Adam Wier: Cheers, mate! Not sure what I'll use the cardinals for, possibly as priests for the guard. "Cardinal Biggles! Poke them with The Soft Cusions!"

    @Tristan M: They really capture the look of the old MP sketch!

    @Frothing Muppet: Thanks man! I'm a big fan of VL Minis - just put in another order for some bits to go with the Prosperine Spireguard I have cooking on the back burner!

    @Col. Ackland: Hah! That sketch was running through my head the entire time I was painting 'em. Actually had to go do some research to ensure I got the colors right!

    @Colonel Scipio: LMAO! That's flippin' hysterical! Love it.

  8. Ha Ha. Love it. Nice looking Iron Hands too. Great seeing your Iron Hands grow ever bigger.

  9. Excellent progress and those crafty fellows are always a surprise ;-)

  10. Congrats on finishing the job. Only thing I would offer is perhaps adding a little more depth to the melta gun "nozzles"? Seem very uniform in colour, though that could just be my take on the pics.

    Glad you chose the cushions. :)

  11. @Siph_Horridus: Thanks man!

    @Stephen: I appreciate it! I'm definitely going to have to figure out how to use them in my guard army - my opponents won't be expecting that!

    @Dai: Good catch, man - I missed the final brown ink on the tips. Thanks!