Sunday, March 2, 2014

Orks - Deff Korps uv Krieg Halftrakks and Meganobz Painted

Due to Colorado's schizophrenic weather in the winter, we generally sees the temperature yo-yo between bitterly cold, and surprisingly warm. A couple days ago it was 60F and today it was 8F when I woke up. Gotta love it! During a 'warm snap' I managed to get some some more Orks finished and sealed:

First up is the unit of Meganobz. These were interesting to paint - there's almost too much detail on them, and I struggled to get some color into them. My plan to have the armored plates in the army painted grey sort of let me down on these guys, I think these models could really benefit from a more striking color scheme. If I do more Bad Moons in the future, I will definitely be getting another unit of these models!

I took several of your fine readers suggestions and tried to push the difference between the two halftrakks a bit further. I added on some various plates and detail bits, and I think it breaks up their outlines enough to keep them visually separate but thematically similar.

They got the same basic paint scheme as the earlier battlewagon, and will carry the two shoota boyz mobs into battle. Very near the end of this little boutique project, just the Blitza-bommer to go! Since it's dumped a couple inches of snow on us since these were completed, and a big box full of Eqyptian-themed bases arrived recently, expect to see a mess of Thousand Sons build pics to follow soon...


  1. Yeah! I am loving these guys. Just finished reading a crimson fists short story and i think between your orks and that short story I'm gonna hafta do a small, battered group of crimson fists at some point. Battle weary and very weathered from cleansing their home world of that xenos filth! Those trucks are just so badass and orky!

  2. Those look great! They make me ashamed of my unpainted trukks

  3. Very nice overall. Though feel the meganobs are a bit plain? Which sucks, because what you've done on them is done well.

  4. @Da Masta Cheef: Thanks man! I'm quite happy with how they turned out!

    @Zab: Would love to see you do some Crimson Fists, man!

    @LuckGod: Thanks very much!

    @Dai: Cheers mate. I totally agree with ya, while on paper "german grey armor plates" sounds good, in practice it leaves something to be desired on the meganobs. Not sure what to do to liven them up, though.

    Thanks very much, everyone!

  5. Looking good! Nice and grimy!

    I love those trucks!