Thursday, March 6, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Spireguard units and heavy support squad built

Been a crazy week and not a lot of downtime to get some blogging in - My thoroughly ridiculous band is taking a breather from doing a ton of recording and we have the first live gig in almost six months coming up tomorrow, so we've all been practicing like madmen! That's not to say there's been no hobby activity though - A little while back the Egyptian-themed bases I'd ordered arrived, which meant I could finally begin the build process on the Thousand Sons!

I was really jazzed to finally assemble the first couple squads of Spireguard, and I have to say I'm thoroughly chuffed with how they've turned out. Can't wait to get some paint on 'em! Still need to build a platoon command squad, and I'm still vacillating on what the HQ choice will be. I figure I'm probably better served waiting until the new guard codex arrives, but I'm assuming that the basic infantry squad won't be changing too drastically.

While I was about it I pressed on and built the heavy support squad for the army - went with missile launchers partially due to the fact that the multiple munitions grant a fair bit of tactical flexibility in anti-horde, anti-vehicle and (at a pinch) anti-aircraft capability, but also as I like the idea of them hanging around near the Scorpius which sports the same general look.

In the meantime I've started working on a pair of Knights, with a third one in an early build process. Pics to come!


  1. Very nice base choices.

    Shame there's not more time for it, but when you can, I look forward to seeing these painted mate.

  2. A cracking pair of squads. Have to say, I agree with you about missile launchers for their flexibiity - like Dai said, looking forward to seeing them painted!

  3. You're charging on with these. Isn't this about your third army this year?

  4. That's a lot of bare plastic and resin. I don't envy you that task...

  5. @Dai: Thanks man - I'm hoping things quiet down and I can get some real brush time in!

    @Colonel Scipio: Cheers! I love the grenade launcher with the guard for much the same reason!

    @Frothing Muppet: Hah! If you count the Knights, indeed it is! Three months, three armies - seems about right! :)

    @Zab: This is just the tip of the iceberg, there's another 60-some odd infantry, and a dozen or so vehicles to come. As usual the little 'boutique' army I'd planned ballooned into a 5000 point monster when I wasn't looking. Hah!

    Cheers guys!

  6. Get painting already ;-)

    Good luck with the gig!

  7. Wow - these look truly characterful: nice work!

  8. Looking great, the combination of bits really seem to work well together... Looking forward to seeing them painted!

  9. @Stephen: Hah! Still building, can't fire up the batch painting machine until there's a batch to paint! :)

    @Admiral Drax: Thanks mate! There's plenty more to come!

    @Phil Morris: I appreciate it - Can't wait to get cracking on with the painting!