Sunday, March 23, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Spireguard Painted

Real Life(tm) continues to rampage though my free time, which has meant that over the last week I've barely put brush to miniature. However, I was able to polish off the Spireguard:

Overall I'm quite pleased with them! A friend of mine has suggested that I ought to paint the hieroglyphs to represent debris from recently-destroyed Tizcan architecture, which sounds good but I fear may make the bases too busy. For now I'm going to leave these models as-is, and perhaps try out a test base to see how it looks.

Unfortunately I've been levied with a huuuuuge financial burden that come out of left field, so expect to see large chunks of my miniature collection going up on the auction block soon to help offset the bills. Not what I thought I'd be doing this week, but needs must...


  1. Nice work. Good call on the bases. Don't draw focus from the minis. Sorry to hear about the monetary disaster. I won't discuss money around the house because it then conspires to break and make me spend said money on it. Stupid, evil, sentient house...Oh crap, I think it can read now! I just heard a funny sound from the furnace...

  2. Man, that's harsh about potentially having to sell some of your collection. If any of your Big Daddy/Blightwheel knights are going up, I'd gladly offer you a more than fair price if it will help out.

    Didn't you also have some of those Golgotha/King Russ tanks? If you do, I'd also be willing to pay quite a bit for those.

    I hope you can find a better solution though!!!

  3. Nice looking guard. I agree with the rest, do not add more to the base as the models already are quite colorful. To bad about the finances, hope you will solve it with out selling models you rather keep.

  4. Love these chaps mate - they look brilliant - the mix of bits look perfect together.

  5. The minis look lovely. I do like the alternate look for guardsmen you have there.

    I would at least throw a black ink wash into the bases, at this point it is very hard to tell that there are gylphs on the white portions of the bases. Just a suggestion.

  6. I am in love with these so much! ....that is all I can say.

  7. @Zab: Thanks man! I ear ya, never mention that I have some money saved up, as something always seems to crop up to suck it right back out of the bank. Argh!

    @Mulciber Volcanus: Thanks man - I'm still rummaging through the Closet of Doom for likely candidates, and will be doing a post with the stuff going up on the block soon. I appreciate the support!

    @Agis: Thanks mate!

    @Frothing Muppet: Cheers! I was quite pleased with how all the disparate bits came together!

    @David: Good call man - a bit more definition will help the hieroglyphs pop.

    @Col. Ackland: Thanks bud!

    @Jugger: I appreciate it!

    Thanks everyone!

  8. Great work, love the blue-white contrast with the red and gold.

  9. Sad news mate once again to have to sell pieces you spent so long working on. I hope that situation corrects itself sooner than later.

    The guard look splendid. How many more squads are you planning to paint like this?

  10. @Phil Morris: Thanks man!

    @Dai: You're telling me. Ah well, frees up space for new projects in the future! I have a few more things planned for the spireguard, but only a few more infantry models - the intention is just to be a small allied force for the Thousand Sons.

    Cheers, all!