Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Assault Squad Mekata painting continues

A little more early morning painting time before work and the squad is nearing completion!

Once the base red and gold is on, the paint scheme really speeds up - I figure they'll be more or less complete with one more morning's worth of brush time.

I'd initially left the shoulder pads off these and the prior heavy support squad with the understanding that the next book FW would produce would include the Thousand Sons, and as such they'd be putting out legion-specific shoulder pads. From what I'm reading now however, the Prospero book has been pushed back so I'm considering adding the blank shoulder pads and just hand-painting the chapter symbol. ...what will end up being upwards of 90 times. Hmm, maybe I will wait! :)


  1. Those are really cool looking, all those little extra minutes are paying off.

  2. They look great...seems odd to see you painting more TSons after you sold your last batch.

  3. DO it! Paint them all by hand and you will be a master of freehand painting by the 30th one. Or if the force is big enough maybe getting some decal sheets for an ink jet printer would be worth it for this one project?

  4. 90th time's a charm!

    Perhaps consider GS push mold? Not always the finest detail comes out, but keep it simple and it would be far easier than the eye bleeding effort that would go into almost 100 shoulderpads.

  5. Paint the pads as you would the right side. Dont glue them on, just tack them on with some PVA (water Soluble) or blu-tack. Then when you get the pads you have 90 pads ready to go on the right hand side of any unpainted guys.... so you just have to do the Legion symbols and bodies.

    If that is understandable well done :D

  6. @Manus: Thanks mate!

    @Sir Tainly: I suffered from a serious case of sellers remorse after I'd sold off the last KSons, and started gathering bits for this army almost immediately. :)

    @Zab: Hah! Indeed - I've dabbled in the home-made transfers but my results have always been lackluster. Freehand it is!

    @Dai: Totally - I've been considering trying a push mold, but my sculpting skills are pretty poor. Worth a try though!

    @Anurien: That's a good call! I can try my hand at hand painting the basic pads and swap them out for the real deal when the time comes. Fantastic idea!

    Cheers everyone!

  7. Looking good matey - those blue eyes on the gold face masks look great. The character model looks a little off though with the blue on red - is there any way to work more gold onto the front of his helmet?

  8. @Frothing Muppet: Thanks mate! I agree with the idea of getting a bit more gold on the siege master's faceplate, good call!