Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - A whole mess of troops painted!

Once the bits showed up and I was able to get the sergeants built, it was the work of a couple mornings to finish them off!

Assault squad Mekata was essentially complete already, just had to bring the sergeant up to snuff and get them based. Easy peasy!

Tactical squad Hesyre took a bit more doing, but I'm pretty well satisfied with how they've turned out. Still scheming on the shoulder pads - I have enough sourced at this point, but need to sort out an easy way to get them painted.

Got a few more units in the offing for the Thousand Sons - while it's good to get some basic troops more or less out of the way, it's definitely time to paint something a little more fun!


  1. Looking good mate, and really striking models and bits combinations.

    One thing, you might need to look at changing the rim colour on your bases, the reddy brown make the models blend in to the bases a bit too much for me.

  2. Great work mate, a very unique force - let's seem 'em all please.
    I think the base rim works a treat with the minis. On the other hand people keep bugging me about changing the rim colors on my own bases, so I might not the best spotter in that department :)
    You have any explanation for the TS starting as red and now (40K) is always blue?

  3. Looking very cool, great to see 30K Thousand Sons in model form. I really like all the gold detail.

    I think the base rims do work, especially since GW bases are thick & don't blend smoothly into table level; although equally having them a dark hue from the ground colour could look great too, separating the mini from the ground palette.

  4. Fantastic models and paint job. Bases look wonderful as well!

  5. Great work man, you're churning these out at a ridiculous rate! I personally like the rims, they kinda seem to tie the models and bases together

  6. Nice work, man! IGreat to see this latest army taking shape.

  7. Great work Mordian! The army looks great and you are a machine cranking them out :-)

  8. O very nice! Love your version of 2K Sons.

  9. These guys really zing with their paint job -- very nice work!

  10. @Sheep: Thanks man! I agree the base rims are pretty similar, I think I try a test model with perhaps graveyard earth or similar...

    @Manus: Cheers mate! From what I understand the blue and yellow didn't come about until during/following the Rubric of Ahriman post heresy.

    @Pawn Cocktail: I appreciate the kind words!

    @Greg Hess: Thanks very much!

    @17yearoldhobbyist: Cheers!

    @#2501: Thanks bud! I'm actually getting close to having everything on hand for the army complete. Still plenty of things to buy, though (unfortunately for my wallet)!

    @D'nyarak: Thanks! Been in the groove recently!

    @Dai: Thanks mate!

    @jabberhabber: I appreciate it, it's a limited palette but it works in its simplicity!

    I really appreciate all the kind words everyone!

  11. That red makes them really unique lookin', pops great!