Monday, January 26, 2015

Heresy Era Mechanicum - Knight Castigator and Dreamforge Leviathan comparison

A bit of a filler post this week I'm afraid - Turns out my new computer may have fatally compromised its machine spirit and I've had to send it in for repair/replacement. Sadly that means it's become rather challenging to upload new pictures, so I've been forced to fall back on some older pics while I wait.

A few weeks back I was tidying up the hobby loft and ran across the Dreamforge Leviathan that I'd stalled out on. I had been disheartened by how much larger than the GW plastic Paladin it ended up being, but I'd been meaning to see how it stacks up against the far larger FW Castigator. Turns out, surprisingly close!

They're virtually the same height, but the Leviathan is far bulkier. Most of the armor plating on the arms and legs are not strictly required, I'm thinking the Mortis variant may be pretty similarly skeletal. While I love the model though the aesthetic is just too different for me to want to add it to the loyalist Mechanicum, though it may find its way into the Dark Mechanicum army I have slowly coalescing in the Closet of Doom...

It sounds like it'll be another week or more before I regain full service. Will be lighting a votive and praying to the Omnissiah for a swift resolution!


  1. They both look very cool, although I think you are right that the leviathan does not auite fit aesthetic wise with the other knights. Looking forward to sering the dark mechanicum project though :)

    Hop your computer recovers :)

  2. That so close it's almost dodgy :D

    Cool models mate.

    Still have to figure out what to do with my 15 mm leviathans - bommer.

  3. Good luck with the computer mate. I hope that gets sorted out soon. Perhaps the lack of blogging ability will offer instead more opportunity to paint stuff?

    I still think the DF model is a cooler sculpt and that you should add it to the AdMech regardless, but that's just me. :)

  4. Love scale shots. There is never enough online. I'm always looking stuff up like "grot mega tank vs battlewagon" and never finding photos.

    Thanks so much for this. Someone will look this up one day, find this post, and be absolutely tickled about it.

  5. @Nafnaf: Aye - I do like them both, but they just don't match up stylistically.

    @Manus: Hah! I honestly wish I'd gone with the 15mm kits personally. The Leviathan is just a bit too large for my tastes.

    @Dai: Thanks - still waiting for them to get it on the bench I'm afraid. Tons of painting time, now that I have no access to Steam. Hah!

    @Greg Hess: Cheers, man!

  6. HI,

    Im trying to find the rules that allow me to take a Cerastus Knight-Castigator in my Mechanicum force. They are not listed in the HH3 book...

    Any ideas?

  7. Hello,

    The rules for the Castigator are in book 4 - as I understand it at the moment the only way to take the Castigator in a Mechanicum force is as an Allied detachment, though that may be subject to change as time goes on!