Thursday, January 29, 2015

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Breacher Squad painted, and Shadowsword in progress

Rather productive of late, as my main entertainment center/general distraction has been in the shop. That means quite a bit of brush time! Trying to update the blog from my phone is proving to be thoroughly aggravating, so the next few posts are likely to be a little brief. First up, the Breacher Siege Squad got a lick of paint:

Pretty straightforward, but I'm not entirely happy with the gradient on the green gems now that I'm reviewing the pics. Definitely need to add a few more intermediate tones to them!

I've been slogging along on the Shadowsword for the Spireguard as well, got all the basic colors laid in, now it's time to start the interminable rivet painting step... Oof!


  1. Nice. Pictures are all that matter. Wordz iz 4 smrt peepole.

  2. I agree the green gems could use a bit more gradients, but the squad looks very intimidating!

    I couldn't imagine painting all those rivets individually, especially on something as big as the shadowsword! Don't go crazy on us now :-)

  3. Looking good! I've been meaning to ask, you wouldn't happen to have a spare boarding shield, would you?

  4. @Zab: Hah! Indeed - no picture, no post has always been my rule on the blog! :)

    @Joe B: Thanks! Aye, a more smooth transition will definitely help the look. We'll see if I can refrain from gibbering too much through the riveting process. Hah!

    @Davetaylor: Cheers man! You betcha, just shot an email your way.

    Thanks everyone!

  5. Hahah, agree on the photos. I might comment on blogs a lot, but I generally don't if there isn't photos! Give me what I want! MINI PHOTOS!

    Tank is looking epic already!

  6. Yes on more gem paint. Otherwise, those fellows look way better than the typical warning striped style shields I've seen previously.

    Too many rivets. Do they really need to be individually picked out?

  7. @Greg Hess: I'm the same way, man. Cheers!

    @Dai: Indeed - it's just too stark a change in greens, more blending is required!

    @Catachan Commissar: Hah! It's a very zen process. :)

    Cheers guys!

  8. I just had to pipe in - I love what you have done with that 'Breacher Siege Squad'.
    I liked the shields before but now... far out. Brilliant mix of colours.