Monday, January 19, 2015

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Breacher Siege Squad built

Just a quick hit today - With Magnus more or less complete (waiting on a nice day to get him sealed and snap some final pics), all that remains to finish off the army for the LVO are 20 shoulder pads for the tactical squad - unfortunately that too requires a nice day to get them primered. Since it's been cold and unpleasant that means more build time while I wait!

I've been needing more Troops choices for the Thousand Sons, so I dusted off some old models that I'd originally purchased for the Iron Hands way back when but never got around to building. A quick swap of heads (Maxmini) and shields (Scibor), and voila - Thousand Sons breachers!

We're supposed to have some warm-ish days coming up later in the week - finger crossed I can get a whole mess of priming and sealing done in one fell swoop!


  1. Really like these. The shields and heads really bling them up, and that champion looks so cool.

  2. I like the scibor stuff. Nice bling.

    It's gone a bit chilly here. No rime inside the garage yet. but it's a possibility.

  3. That center model is just inspirational!

  4. Classy bunch of fellows indeed.

  5. What is happening with your guard?
    Im reading this blog for a long time and noticed that your last post about guard was one year ago

  6. @Zab: Thanks! They're definitely blinged out!

    @Nafnaf: I appreciate it!

    @Zzzzzz: Indeed - it's been crazy cold the last few weeks, supposed to be nicer this week though!

    @Greg Hess: Cheers man!

    @Dai: Haha! Thanks!

    @Jakub Furlanetto: Short answer, not much really. I've more or less given up on vanilla 40k these days and have been focusing on the Heresy. The Prospero Spireguard have been giving me my guard fix though! :)

    Cheers everyone!