Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fallout Hobbies transfers arrive!

...Well technically they arrived a week or so ago, but I just picked up all the on-hold mail from the post office yesterday. Heh. I'd pitched in on Ronnie Gamble's fantastic Kickstarter campaign to get Fallout Hobbies off the ground as a custom waterslide transfer and airbrush template company. I'm happy to say it succeeded and the rewards exceeded my expectations in every way!

I received a set of the Radioactive and Biohazard sets for use on some future project/terrain, a set of really cool-looking scrollwork, and some interesting scorch marks that I'm eager to try adding to a vehicle or building.

Turns out they're a little challenging to photograph, as most of what I'd ordered were white and the backing paper is a rather light grey. Bunch of Egyptian and occult themed transfers for the inevitable next Thousand Sons army (and a bit for the associated Spireguard).

Overall I was blown away by the quality of the prints and the attention to detail. His full time web store is up and running here, I highly recommend checking 'em out - he's got the capability to accept your custom printing requests as well as providing an ever-expanding catalog of pre-designed sheets, I know I'll be going back for more sheets soon!


  1. Glad to see you are back.

    So envious of those transfers. I could imagine a whole set of terrain covered in rad warnings.

    Also delighted to hear you say you will be doing more Thousand Sons. I am currently first finishing up my helldrake and gathering parts for my Havocs.

  2. Wow these look great! Going to have to get me some!

  3. Hi,
    Sorry for the offtopic, but may I get your email? I'd like to ask you something privately, if you don't mind, about one of your old posts, and I thought that commenting in that post wouldn't be adequate, as it's a bit old.
    Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

  4. @Rory Priest: Cheers man! Aye, other projects may come and go but I always find myself being drawn back to the XV legion! The new transfers are definitely going to get a workout!

    @The GunGrave: I've worked with Ron in the past and can say his work is always exemplary - these transfer sheets he's done are no exception!

    @Elzender: Sure thing! Email sent.

  5. @Mordian7th: Sorry, looks like I haven't received anything. Maybe try this mail:

  6. That's odd. My contact email is moonlight ( at ) Always happy to answer any questions!

  7. I got some of these in my super nova bag. They are awesome. The fellow who makes them was also at nova, and a great guy to talk to. The fact he can do custom work is awesome. Going to see some amazing quality of transfers start showing up across the board soon thanks to him!

    And now he's working on custom airbrush stencils...I think he might have already made an entire rhino one, making airbrushing one a joke!

  8. Thank you for the post Mordian! I appreciate the positive feedback.

  9. @Mordian7th It seems that my e-mail service doesn't want me communicating with you O.o
    I think I'll just write it here, feel free to erase it later if you don't want that much offtopic in your post:

    (it's a copy-paste from the mail)

    At the moment I’m writing a post about the use of the Leviathan of Dreamforge as a proxy for imperial knights, and I saw in your blog the comparison between the FW knight and the Leviathan (actually, that post helped me to buy the leviathan). I would like to use the comparison images in the post, and I want to be sure you are fine with that. Obviously I will cite you and your blog as the source of the images. If there is any inconvenience, I will not include the images and just cite your blog.

    Once again, sorry for the offtopic.

  10. @Greg Hess: Nice! Ron is a great guy, he's done some contact art for me in the past and it's always been a pleasure working with him (he did my blog banner, for example). Definitely worth following up on!

    @The Eye of Error: No, thank YOU, man! I love the transfer sheets and I'm really jazzed that Fallout Hobbies is getting off the ground - keep up the great work!

    @Elzender: That is odd! I sent a couple replies but didn't see anything come back, maybe it's getting caught in your spam filter?

    In any case, absolutely feel free to use the comparison pics - glad they came in handy!


  11. I've looked everywhere and the messages just seem to have banished, or never arrived, that's really weird.
    Anyway, thank you very much, and thanks for the patience!

  12. Those transfers look really interesting, I can't wait to see what terrain you put them onto. I didn't notice that kickstarter but checked out the link above and it looked to be very well run