Monday, December 7, 2015

Heresy Era Alpha Legion - Lernaean Terminators painting continues

As mentioned previously, slogging through all 46 models to completion at once is just not feasible - I like to batch paint as much as the next guy, but let's be reasonable here! I figured I'd start off by cracking on with the terminators, then do the 20-man tac squad in a batch, and finally the Headhunters and scouts to finish it all up. All the power armoured marines were set back into the queue and away we go...

First things first, picking out all of the weapons, armour trim, cabling, joint ribbing and whatnot in boltgun metal, which helps clean up a ton of the slop from the earlier purple drybrushing paint-spatter-o-thon.

Then to help the various metallics stand out against each other, the trim got a blue wash to start a silvered-steel look, while the weapons and joint ribbing got a black wash, dulling them down and making them much more stark.

Next up I started blocking in the various contrast colors - initial earthtones and washes for the leather pturges, and the reddish-orange tones on the power cabling (on the back), the Volkite heat vanes, and the power fists, so they'll eventually match the earlier Contemptor dread. Still another whole session of further highlights to go - another pass of silver on the trim to brighten it up a step, the leather will get another khaki highlight, and the red/orange sections will get some minor yellow edge highlighting to help 'em pop. It's supposed to be gorgeous the next few days (hopefully allowing me to flock and seal the recent Geno Five-Two models), then another couple weeks of cold on the horizon. Gotta paint quickly if I want to take advantage in the break in the chilly weather we've had of late!


  1. They are starting to come together nicely,

  2. The purple and silver is really nice, looking forward to the next update.

  3. I'm actually really liking the purple, can't wait to see how the whole force will look painted!

  4. Alpha Legionnaire skin... I thought was more pale than tan?

    Otherwise, I really like the purple-silver combo.

  5. @Vitor: Thanks very much!

    @Dave Weston: Cheers! Quite liking the combo too!

    @Alpha Omega: Got a deadline looming, so expect to see 'em done in short order!

    @Dai: Indeed, still another highlight pass to go on the skin - they'll be a bit more pallid once all is said and done!

    Cheers, everyone!

  6. No offense to the other plastic legions, but this is my favorite army of yours yet. :)